Thursday, 10 August 2017 19:00

Geagea: Some Lebanese Parties Seeking to Bestow Legitimacy on Assad Regime

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said that that attempts to reproduce the Assad regime will not succeed, stressing his party’s rejection to the restoration of official relations between the Lebanese government and the Assad regime.

Geagea warned that some Lebanese parties "are trying to use Lebanon and the Lebanese government to bestow legitimacy on Bashar al-Assad's regime," shortly after a cabinet session witnessed controversy over an expected visit by some ministers to Syria.

“Any minister who wants to visit Syria can do so in his personal capacity, but not in an official manner. We hope the cabinet will take a clear stance in this regard amid these circumstances,” said Geagea at a press conference in Maarab on Wednesday.

“Things in the cabinet are unacceptable and we do not tolerate any official dealings between the Lebanese government and the so-called Syrian government as it will harm Lebanon and its ties with Arab countries,” Geagea emphasized. He added that there has been a violation of the agreement on the basis of which the Lebanese government was formed.

The Lebanese Forces chief went on to say that what happened on Tuesday inside the Lebanese cabinet “is an attempt to give political impetus to the Syrian regime.”

The Lebanese Army has to remain at the country’s frontiers to defend the country against ISIS, adding that no negotiations must be held with the Assad regime regarding the fight against terror.

With regards to the issue of the return of Syrian refugees to their country, Geagea said that there are Lebanese parties “seeking to consult with Bashar al-Assad while forgetting that the refugees had escaped from him in the first place.” He noted that Syrian refugees are refraining from returning to regime-held areas and are staying in Lebanon out of fear of political persecution or bloodshed. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Agencies)

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