Friday, 10 August 2018 16:27

German Newspaper Says Assad Regime Plans to Execute Million of Syrian Refugees if They Return

A German newspaper warned that the Assad regime prepared a list of three million wanted persons both in the country and abroad with the aim of taking reprisals against them for participating in the activities of the Syrian revolution. Russia has been recently pushing for repatriating millions of Syrian refugees.

Bild newspaper reported that the information was leaked from a meeting chaired by the head of Air Force Intelligence Directorate, General Jamil Hassan, and held with 33 intelligence officers who discussed the mechanism to deal with the next phase in the conflict in Syria.

According to the newspaper, Hassan claimed that 150,000 businessmen are involved in financing the revolution, adding: “We will hold accountable anyone involved by word, deed or even silence.”

Hassan said that the three million people on the list - many of them refugees - should be treated as terrorists and liquidated after their return," the paper added.

The paper added that refugees would be in real danger if they return in the absence of international guarantees and political transition, indicating that the returnees will have to choose between being killed or killers of opponents of the regime.

Jamila Schäfer, spokeswoman for the Green Youth Party, told Bild that “anyone who seriously believes that we can send Syrian refugees back to their country in the foreseeable future, is either completely unworldly or simply inhumane."

Secretary of the Coalition’s political committee Riad al-Hassan on Thursday said that facts on the ground proved that Russia does not have the ability to rein in the actions of the Assad regime, citing the countless crimes regime forces committed against civilians in areas that recently fell under their control.

“The Assad regime’s repeated violations against civilians have revealed the dark side of the Russia role in Syria,” Hassan said, adding: “The assurances Moscow has given to the international community were simply worthless.” (Source: Syrian Coalitions’ Media Department)

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