Monday, 02 July 2018 18:59

International Union of Muslim Scholars Condemns Assad Regime’s Brutal Onslaught on Dara’a

Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), Sheikh Ali al-Qaradaghi condemned the Assad regime’s brutal onslaught on the province of Dara’a. He said that the onslaught constituted war crimes and crimes against humanity as all types of indiscriminate weapons are being used in attacks against civilians.

In a statement, Qaradaghi stressed the necessity of adopting a practical program with guarantees from the international community to find a political solution in Syria. He also stressed the need for guarantors of truces and agreements in Syria to honor their obligations.

"IUMS is closely following the situation in Syria in general and what is happening in the south in particular, especially attacks by the Assad regime and its backers as well as the killing of civilians, the destruction to whole towns and villages, and the displacement of tens of thousands of civilians," Qaradaghi said.

Qaradaghi appealed to all humanitarian and relief organizations to carry out their duties to relieve more than 150,000 displaced persons in Dara’a and to cooperate with the Jordan to provide safe haven and decent living conditions for the people fleeing the regime’s onslaught on the province.

The statement called on the United Nations as well as Islamic and Arab countries to stop the war and find a solution retaining the dignity of the Syrian people and regaining their rights through a lasting solution that is guaranteed by all parties.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the Syrian Negotiations Commission Yahya Aridi on Saturday called on the international community to condemn the Assad regime and Russia’s widespread violations in the ‘de-escalation zone’ in southern Syria.

Aridi called on the international community to take all possible measures to stop the ongoing aggression against the Syrian people, pointing out that Russia and Iran are committing blatant violations of the recently signed agreements.

The Assad regime forces, backed by Iranian militias and Russia air force, launched a large-scale offensive in eastern Dara’a province and western rural Suwaida in June 20. Dozens of civilians, including women and children, have so far been killed in the relentless aerial bombardment as well as artillery and rocket shelling on rebel-held areas in the area. The bombings have also caused massive destruction to civilian homes and infrastructure as well as the displacement of tens of thousands of civilians. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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