Friday, 03 April 2015 18:44

Turkey Blames Latest Terrorist Attacks on Assad Extremists

Turkish authorities accused the Assad regime of establishing and harboring training camps for terrorists, Turkish newspaper Yeni Şafak reported. Turkish authorities are searching for a list of terrorists belonging to the extremist Revolutionary People's Liberation Front, which carried out several terrorist operations over the past few days, including the killing of prosecutor of Istanbul, and attacking a security department in the city, in addition to previous operations.

Turkish authorities indicated that the list includes the names of 104 terrorists, of whom 52 are in extremist camps in Assad regime-held areas. They are reportedly preparing to carry out more terrorist operations inside Turkey.

The newspaper pointed out that the terrorist Mihraç Ural (aka Ali Kayyali), who is fighting alongside Assad regime forces, is overseeing the training of these extremists. It added that Turkish security forces decided to tighten security measures in the southern regions of the country adjacent to the areas controlled by the Assad regime.

Vice-president of the Syrian Coalition Hisham Marwa said earlier that "the Assad regime has been committing unspeakable crimes over the past four years humanity, and has manufactured and supported terrorist groups in Syria and the region. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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