Saturday, 16 January 2016 16:38

Worldwide Sit-ins to Lift Sieges in Syria

Activists from Syria and around the world launched a campaign titled: "International Day for Lifting of the Siege on Syria” to raise awareness of the siege the Assad regime impose on 13 areas in Syria.

Organizers of the campaign announced that they would organize sit-ins today, January, 16, in a number of capitals around the world with the aim of helping to break the sieges the Assad regime impose on civilians with the backing of Hezbollah militias, Iran and Russia. They declared Saturday as a "Day of Rage" inside and outside Syria to protest against Assad’s starvation of civilians in Syria.

Organizers described the campaign as a voluntary activity, and they said they will not be collecting donations for Madaya or any other Syrian besieged area because doing so "legitimizes the siege;" while the goal of the campaign is to completely break all sieges.

A link to the Facebook event page in Arabic where dates and locations of sit-ins are listed can be found here. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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