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Several months ago a group of activists held a series of consultative meetings. The person responsible for these meetings was Mr. Riad Seif. These informal meetings comprised of discussions on how to get the Syrian people out of the crisis they were in coordinate these efforts and build upon them to move the Syrian revolution forward. It was mentioned that these goals should reach to the ultimate goal of overthrowing the regime, forming a transitional government, and managing a military and civil administration. A number of consultative bodies were invited to a meeting in Doha, Qatar on November 8, 2012. Those present were the General Authority of the Syrian Revolution, the Syrian Local Coordination Committes, Syrian National Council, and the Syrian Business Forum, 14 representatives of Local Councils, the Levant Scholars Association, the National Kurdish Council, the Revolutionary Council for the Families of Syria, the board of trustees of the revolution, the Democratic and Socialist Union Party, the Communist Labor Party, national figures and dissident politicians. This forms the Syrian National Council. Membership in the Syrian National Coalition is open to all opposition groups across the spectrum of opposition groups according to the Doha agreement and in coordination with the Arab League which explains the statue of the coalition’s representation of each party.

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