Akram Al Assaf

  • Political : Revolutionary Movement
  • City: Der Alzor

Mr Assaf is a member of the Syrian Coalition’s Political Committee. He recently joined the Syrian Coalition as a representative of the Revolutionary Movement. He is also a member of the Syrian National Council SNC.

Akram Al Assaf was born in Deir Az Zor 1981. He studied Law at Damascus University. Mr Assaf encouraged protests against Assad’s regime at the beginning of the Syrian Revolution. He was one of the organizers of Al Othman Mosque demonstration 25/03/2011. He was arrested on 06/05/2011 and detained for 39 days. When he was released he encouraged and organized protests in Deir Az Zor. He led the protests when nearly 500 thousand protesters took to the streets in Deir Az Zor.

Mr Assaf is a co-founder of the Free Syrian Army FSA and Deir Az Zor’s local council. He is a member of Deir Az Zor’s local council and a member of the city’s media office.

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