Political Committee

According to Coalition bylaws, a political committee is elected upon the election of new president of the Coalition. The Political Committee is comprised of 19 individuals which include: the president, vice presidents, secretary-general; the remaining members are members that receive majority votes in a secret-ballot election conducted by the General Authority.

Political Committee Duties

  • The political committee makes necessary political decisions on behalf of the General Authority. However, the decisions should not contradict prior resolutions made by the General Authority, and the Authority has the right to approve or reject these resolutions during the first General Assembly.
  • Political decision-making with respect to the Coalition’s relationships with other nations.
  • Diplomatic decision-making including the appointment of ambassadors.
  • Adoption of a political plan for the Coalition.
  • Representation of the General Authority at a political and diplomatic level, according to diplomatic guidelines.

Dima Moussa

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