Abdelahad Astepho

  • Political : Syrian National Council
  • City: Damascus
  • Date of Birth: Sunday, 10 March 1957
  • Place of Birth: Al Qamishli
  • Educational attainment: Masters in History and Jurisprudence in Semitic Languages, Catholic University of Louvian, Belgium. Certificate in English from the University of Aleppo
  • Additional Information: Syrian National Council – the Assyrian Democratic Organization

Abdulahad Astepho is a member of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces. Originally from al-Qamishli, Syria, Astepho holds a diverse educational background including degrees from Syria and Belgium in Oriental Philology and History (M.A.), English Literature (B.A.), and Semitic Languages, and Mesopotamian Civilizations. He has taken part in various research projects and conferences and often lectured in Arabic, Syriac, English and French centring on these topics. He has participated in European conferences on human rights and minorities in Brussels. His professional activities are in the fields of education and business.

Today, he is a committed advocate for the creation of a free, pluralistic and democratic Syria. He serves in the Executive Office of the Syrian National Council, is member of the Preparation and Follow-up Committee for the Cairo Conference (May 2012), and is also a member of the Consulting Committee for the Syrian Opposition Istanbul Conference (Geneva, February 2012). Astepho is also a founding member of the Damascus Declaration committees in Holland and Belgium and President (2010-2012) of the European Section of the Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO) .

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