Abdulhakim Bashar

  • Current Position: Vice President
  • From: June 29, 2019
  • Political : Syrian National Coalition
  • City: Damascus
  • Date of Birth: Wednesday, 01 January 1958

- He was born in Amouda, al-Hasaka province in 1958.

- Degree: Faculty of Medicine, University of Damascus. Pediatrics.

- He held the position of the Secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria from 2007 to April 2014.

- He is a cofounder of the Damascus Declaration and participated in its first conference in Damascus.

- He is a cofounder of the Kurdish National Council and was its first elected president.

- He served as a member of the Kurdish National Council’s committee of foreign relations.

- He is a member of the Democratic Kurdistan Party’s Political Bureau in Syria.

- He was elected vice-president of the Coalition several times.

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