Movement (Together) for a Free and Democratic Syria

A number of Syrian intellectuals and founders of the movement announced the formation of the movement “Together for a Free and Democratic Syria” as a civilian organization on June 23, 2011.

The founding ideals stated that the movement was biased towards the Syrian people and supports the peaceful protest movement in Syria and is guided in its activities by the following principles:

  1. Support the people’s peaceful struggle for freedom, democracy and to build a civilian state.
  2. Expose and resist violence in all its forms and sources.
  3. Strengthen national unity and resist all forms of sectarian incitement and division among Syrians.
  4. Promote national values; stand against outside interference and hegemonic policies.
  5. Promote a culture of diversity and acceptance of others.
  6. Disseminate and promote a culture of human rights.
  7. Promote the concept of citizenship and the foundations that underpin it.

A temporary committee of its members has been commissioned with managing the movement’s activities in the transitional phase. The coordinating committee chose Monzer Badr Haloum to manage the movement during the establishment phase. Also, Dr. Monzer Khadam was chosen as the spokesperson of the movement.

The movement is represented by Basam Yousef in the Syrian Coalition.

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