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Citizenship Trend is a Syrian political organization established in Damascus at the beginning of the Syrian revolution. At the time of its establishment most members were political activists with a history of activism with experience with imprisonment and being harassed. They were joined by many youths who had participated in protests, vigils and media work in support of the revolution. The Trend soon expanded into all areas in Syria by adding young revolutionaries with no past political.

Citizenship Trend is founded on the idea of a united civil democratic state in Syria - a nation made up of free and equal individual citizenry without differences in ethnicity or nationality or gender or any other distinct between citizens. It envisions that the future Syrian nation to be a pluralistic civilian democracy without sectarian nationalism or regionalism.

Citizenship Trend also works to secure the human rights of ethnic minorities. One of its missions is preventing the revolution from sliding into sectarianism or extremism (although this possibility shouldn’t be unduly exaggerated) in order to maintain the unity of the Syrian nation’s land and people.

Citizenship Trend has authored many political reports and statements that express its ideology and its view that the revolution has passed through various phases. It always stresses the importance of peaceful civil activism in the revolution (protesting, striking, sit-ins, media activism, art) and the need for the self-regulation of the local population during the revolution - the most important of such attempt is the local councils since they are the most direct form of civilian revolution). Additionally, the Trend has expressed its clear support of the Free Syrian Army as the armed branch of the revolution, which was formed out of necessity. The Free Syrian Army includes civilians, soldiers, and defectors who were forced to take up arms to face the great oppression which did not leave any form of aggression unused against the people.

Citizenship Trend has no objection to efforts to reach a ‘political solution’ that would spare the country from infighting and its devastating effect on the social fabric of the Syrian people, as well as prevent the physical destruction of the country. However, it believes that the only way these efforts will be success is through the ‘exit’ of Bashar Al Assad and the complete departure of the inner circle of the regime’s power structure, by any means. Also, large parts of the oppressive intelligence and military structures must be dismantled to open a path for real negotiation that protects national institutions, prevents bloodshed and allows the rebuilding of Syria freely and democratically with the goal of empowering and protecting the dignify of all citizens.

Citizen Trend has always stressed the need for serious work on unifying the Syrian opposition in all its forms and the importance of forming a political umbrella for the revolution that covers the armed opposition as well. It led the way in the creation the Cairo documents and considers them the most important point in uniting the political vision of the revolution until to this point. It continues to call for expanding and building upon them. It saw in the establishment of the Syrian National Council an encouraging beginning in establishing a representation of the revolution and the revolutionaries - despite the many personal and issue-based problems that plagued the young council and limited of its role.

Citizenship Trend was then supportive of the creation of the National Coalition for Revolutionary and Opposition Forces and participated in its formation from the very beginning. The Trend works to develop the Coalition and make it effective so that it will be a truly unifying leadership structure for the revolution’s political, civilian and military wings. Further, it hopes and believes that the Coalition will be a tool for the transition phase after the overthrow of the regime.

The individual activists in the Citizenship Trend are located in Syria except a small number who have been forced to flee Syria due to regime oppression. These activists continue their activities in support of the revolution from outside Syria.

Citizenship Trend depends on a highly flexible organizational structure to avoid the all-too-common hierarchies of many political organizations. This creates a high level of individual freedom for the activists to respond to differing situations and localities, as well incorporate the unique nature of individuals’ activities and methodologies. It also decreases the harm to activists in the case that they are imprisoned or martyred. This has led to the rapid expansion of a network of activists connected to Citizenship Trend, but who work in other parts of the revolution, while sharing its political vision.

In short, Citizenship Trend is composed of core political ideas that are spread through many networks, areas, and activities - all coordinated by men and women from different backgrounds and localities with varied skills, cultures, ideologies, and approaches. This is done without formal organizational structures except where necessary to complete a specific activity in support of their common revolution.

The representative of Citizenship Trend in the Syrian Coalition is Mr. Moafaq Nayrabia.

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