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Syrian Business Forum

The Syrian Business Forum is an independent not for profit organization established on June 6, 2012. It works on bringing the largest number of Syrian business men and women inside and outside Syria under one umbrella who wish to develop the Syrian economy to take Syria into a bright and prosperous future.

Mission and Vision

  • Work to include the largest number of male and female investors and economists both inside and outside Syria to participate in supporting the revolution.
  • Bring together the activities in support of the revolution.
  • Carry out all activities in support of the Syrian revolution and the Syrian people while preserving the sovereignty and unity of the Syrian state, as well as the Syrian national fabric of all its components.
  • Real and effective participation in the support and maintenance of the Syrian revolution in order to help it achieve its goals, and the enjoyment of their human rights of dignity and freedom.
  • Cooperation and coordination with forums, associations, and institutions working in the field of economics with common visions and goals that support the Syrian revolution, or that help bring about an economic renaissance in Syria.
  • Participate in the development of a vision for the Syrian economy in the next stage, and whatever is necessary in the form of studies, strategies, plans and ideas.


The Syrian Business Forum includes more than 300 Syrian Businessmen and women who are supporters of the Syrian revolution inside and outside Syria. Conditions for those who want to join the Syrian Business Forum are:

  • Be a practitioner of honorable economic practices
  • To be known for his patriotism, integrity, and honesty
  • Should not have been convicted of crimes, except if he has been pardoned
  • Must have a recommendation of two-thirds of the Board of Directors
  • Requires the recommendation of the entire governing body in the case of non-Syrian members

Organization Structure of the Forum

The Syrian Business Forum consists of the following structures:

First: The General Authority

The general authority is made up of all associate members and is considered the highest authority. They decide the public policy of the forum as well as its general plans, programming, and future vision.

Second:The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is entrusted with representing the Syrian Business Forum before all the organizations and foundations related to decisions that need to be made by the General Assembly and carrying out its duties. The Board of Directors holds one meeting per month including today’s communiqué as well as emergency meetings to approve necessary projects. The Board of Directors makes a decision by reaching a majority two thirds vote. The Board of Directors is the supreme executive body of the Syrian Business Forum. The following members were elected to the Board of Directors:

  • Mustafa Sabbagh, President
  • Dr. Wael Merza, Political Advisor
  • Businessman inside Syria
  • Businessman inside Syria
  • Businessman inside Syria

The representative of the Syrian Business Forum inside Syria is Mustafa Sabagh.

Link to the Facebook page:Syrian Business Forum