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Syrian Scholar’s Association

The association was established on April 16, 2010 as an independent Islamic scholarly advocacy organization of persons calling others to Allah. This association provides wisdom and good advice and works to bring together scholars in Syria for Muslims to reference.


Embark on our moderate, balanced, and comprehensive Islamic understanding which fulfills the tenets of Shariah while remaining relevant. It also reconciles between limitations of Shariah and the current issues we face in the 21st century.

God Willing, we would like to highlight Islamic scholars’ leadership roles in the Syrian arena. God Willing, we are working to organize legal rulings, terms and concepts. We believe in dialogue with the various parts of Syrian society that will help us secure the interests of the Ummah and the unity of our people.

Goals of the Association:

  • Presenting Islam with purity, both in doctrine and law, away from extremism, through sophisticated and contemporary discourse.
  • Adopt the concerns and issues of the nation.
  • Provide support for scholars working in the field of Islamic studies to help provide them with resources and further develop their skills with improvements to their scholarly materials.
  • Work on helping scholars who have emigrated from Syria to return to Syria and absorb them into our religious institutions.
  • Cooperating and coordinating with Islamic organizations in Syria and with other scholarly organizations in other countries. The Association is committed to achieving the goals of the International Union of Muslim scholars and is dedicated to its mission.
  • Bringing closer together Islamic workers in the Syrian arena.
  • Encouraging schools and academies of Sharia, strengthening them and improving them.
  • Seeking to establish an Islamic research center studying emerging Muslim issues and providing appropriate solutions.
  • Strengthen ties and relations between scholars, the Syrian people and civil society organizations by all available means
  • Reviving the Islamic trust and the message of the Mosque that raises and educates.

Their work: Overseeing all Holy Quran lessons in Mosques:

Goals of the Holy Quran lessons:

  • Teach students the Holy Quran, its recitation and rules. Try to bring them close to it by way of the heart.
  • Instill the love for the Quran into the hearts of the students. Educating them on its greatness and raising them on its characteristics and teachings.
  • Provide students with a set of Islamic rules and etiquette, of which a Muslim cannot be ignorant.
  • Teach students some aspects of Islamic culture, and about the function of the prophets, the companions, and the scholars according to the students’ age and knowledge.
  • Revive the message of the mosque and restore its position and role in society.
  • Strengthen language skills of the students by equipping them with ample vocabulary and language methods.
  • Graduate batches of students eligible to teach the Quran.
  • Provide advocacy programs for all segments of society.

Facts and Figures:

The association’s Refugee Camp Committee oversees education and the calling to God in 15 camps in Turkey and three camps in Syria.

It has 30 offices in Aleppo, Aleppo suburbs, and Idlib suburbs.

Overall there are around 80 offices in Turkey and Syria.

Overall there are 750 lessons in Turkey and Syria.

Overall there are 18,000 students in Turkey and Syria.

Website: Syrian Scholar’s Association