The National Rally for Free Syrian Workers in State Institutions

The Syrian revolution began to bring to an end an era of tyranny during which citizens were denied freedom and dignity. Syria was hijacked by the Nusayris to create a government ruled by oppression and terror and a ruling class who are only after their own interests. The constant talk of reform a ploy to improve the image of the regime and to further increase the corruption reflecting the diminishing rights of the people. Syrians were further deprived from expressing their opinions and all information surrounding politics was manipulated to control people’s mind and awareness of events. The regime also used ineffective political fronts left over from failed political parties to achieve its objectives, the party known as the National Front.

We were the employees of the government; we rejected the presence of corruption and its mechanisms. We try to reform what was corrupted but were surprised by the tyranny the state ruled for power. It was not an option for us to risk any individual attempts since we would have been accused with treason. Our children and families would be exposed to vicious and scary attacks based on pictures displaying horrific scenes from the 80’s.

Therefore, it was necessary to wait for the decisive moment when the power of the people would spark a revolution from every city, village, neighborhood, square, and street in Syria. The people, from all groups and ethnicities of Syrian society, stood shoulder to shoulder to resist oppression and crimes committed against Syrian youth who came out against the regime demanding freedom and dignity. The protests were peaceful but the regime responded immediately with firing live rounds at the protesters killing tens, then hundreds, then tens of thousands of people with unprecedented tyranny. The regime proceeded to destroy large cities, the suburbs, the nation and its institutions.

Since we consider ourselves employees of a nation that our forefathers built over a century, and are not servants for the ruling power, we resigned from our positions because of the arrogance and tyranny of the regime. We announced that we were joining the people’s revolution and placed all of our stamina and resources behind the revolution. We were under the umbrella and worked through the Syrian Coalition for Syrian Opposition and Revolutionary Forces and through the framework of the Coalition we formed the National Rally for Free Syrian Workers in State Institutions. We formed this group to ensure the a the Syrian nation is built to protect its institutions, and to prepare and fill the gaps left after the collapse of Assad’s regime. Our group will secure the work and build the body of the future nation for the government and institutional employees who have migrated out of the country or resigned to join the ranks of the revolution.

We announced from the beginning that we are not a political party, the goal we are all united around is bringing down the regime, leading the revolution to victory, and transforming the Free Syrian Army to a national army that will protect the people and defend their dignity and freedom. Our work will continue through the Syrian Coalition and will be coordinated with the Coalition’s administration, and goals.

Founding Statement

In the Name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

We are the Syrian National Rally for Free Syrian Workers in State Institutions who have refused what our people have faced from the tyrannical regime in the form of murder, displacement, destruction of cities, towns, and villages and the infrastructure of Syria. We stood with the revolution of our triumphant people and started this group to contribute to the national project of the Syrian opposition under the leadership of the Syrian Coalition. The goals include participating to bring down the regime in all its forms; to build a modern pluralistic democratic nation, a nation of nationalists for all its citizens who are sure that diversity is a source of power and prosperity.

Our vision is to create a safe and unified Syrian community protected from chaos and murder. We also strive to protect government civilian institutions, and to provide technical, and expert support and play a role of providing services and meeting the various needs of the citizenry as well to protect the property of the people and empower their cohesion.

We will also work to support government workers who have supported the revolution and guarantee the protection of government institutions and civil peace when the regime falls, since this has become a very close reality, God Willing.

The free national group also expresses their support for the Free Syrian Army and their unified leadership. We also support the FSA become a permanent part of Syrian society and increasing the role they play in overseeing the protection of the revolution of the Syrian people and bringing down the Assad regime.

We applaud the supervisory roles of the brotherly Arab nations and other friendly nations for their support of the Syrian people’s revolution. We hold in high esteem the recognition of the National Coalition for the Syrian Opposition and Revolutionary Forces as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people. We salute the souls of the martyrs of our people’s revolution, we pray for the health and recovery of those injured or wounded, we pray for the freedom for those who are still held captive, and we pray for power, dignity, and victory for the steadfast Syrian people.

Founding members of the National Syrian Rally

Founding members of the National Rally for Free Syrian Workers in State Institutions, those who attended the meeting in Amman in December of 2012:

They are listed here in Alphabetical order:

  1. Dr. Ahmad Zaytoun
  2. Engineer Ahmad Al Mijbal
  3. Ikhlas Badawi – Member of Parliament
  4. Asaad Mustafa – Former Minister
  5. Hatem Al Thaher – Member of Parliament
  6. Judge Shihab Al Din
  7. Judge Khalid Abdullah Shbayb
  8. Dr. Riad Hijab – Former Government President
  9. Dr. Riad Nasan Agha – Former Minister and Ambassador
  10. Saleh Al Naimi
  11. Judge Talal Al Houshan
  12. Ambassador Dr. Abdul Latif Dabagh
  13. Abdu Husam Il Din – Defected Assistant of Oil Minister
  14. Engineer Adnan Al Shughri
  15. Ali Al Bsh – Member of Parliament
  16. Judge Ali Ibrahim Al Oun
  17. Ambassador Dr. Faroud Taha
  18. Judge Mohamad Anwar Majani
  19. Ambassador Mohamad Basam Al Imadi
  20. Deputy Mohamad Brmo
  21. Dr. Mohamad Husam Hafez – Diplomatic Consultant
  22. Mohamad Al Helou – Member of Parliament
  23. Mohamad Hasan Al Tawad – Former Appointed Minister, Foreign Affairs
  24. Mohamad Said Al Issa – Former Parliament Member
  25. Mohamad Wajih Jumuah
  26. Mahmoud Suleiman
  27. Deputy Nasir Al Hariri

Please note that some of the founders were unable to attend for various reasons.

Those present agreed to form a Board of Trustees made up of seven members headed by Dr. Riad Hijab and including Minister Asaad Mustafa, Minister Dr. Riad Al Nasan Agha, Ambassador Dr. Farouq Taha, Minister’s helper Mr. Abdo Husam Il Din, Deputy Ikhlas Badawi, and Judge Talal Houshan.

Mr. Najib Al Ghadban attended as a representative of the National Coalition for Syrian Opposition and Revolutionar Forces. From the Coalition Mr. Mohamd Qadah and Dr. Rateb Al Nabulsi also attended.

Board of Trustees:

Board of Trustees include:

Dr. Riad Hijab as President, Former President of the Government, and former Agriculture Minister

  • Mr. Asaad Mustafa, former Agriculture Minister – Hama Governorate
  • Dr. Riad Naasan Agha – former Minister of Culture – Former Ambassador in the Emirates and Oman
  • Dr. Farouq Taha Ambassador to Belarus and other Baltic Nations – Helper of former Foreign Minister
  • Mr. Abdou Husam Il Din – Helper of the former Oil Minister
  • Mrs. Ikhlas Badawi – Member of Parliament
  • Mr. Talal Houshan – Judge, President of the Free Syrian Council of Judges

Distribution of tasks and responsibilities among members of the Board of Trustees:

In their first meeting in Doha on 27/12/2012, tasks and responsibilities were distributed between the members of the Board of Trustees as follows:

  • Dr. Riad Hijab as President.
  • Mr. Asad Mustafa as Vice President and Public Relations Secretary.
  • Dr. Riad Naasan Agha as Media Secretary.
  • Dr. Farouq Taha, Security Secretary, Administrative and Financial Secretary.
  • Mr. Abdou Husam Il Din as Internal Operations and Revolutionary Activities Secretary.
  • Mrs. Ikhlas Badawi Relief and Wounded Persons Secretary.
  • Mr. Talal Houshan as Legal, Transitional equality, and Human Rights Secretary.

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