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The Legal Office of the Syrian National Coalition

The Legal Office of the Syrian National Coalition is an office of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, and these are its function:

  • Establishing the states laws and achieving the goals of the Syrian revolution
  • Pursuing Assad regime criminals.
  • Recovering the looted money of the Syrian people.
  • Achieving transitional justice.

Members of the Legal Office:

President of the Legal Office – Haitham Al Maleh

Member – Dr. Hisham Marwa

Member – Attorney Marwan Hajo

Member – Attorney Hussein Alsayed

Tasks of the Legal Office in the Syrian Coalition

  1. Publish reports on human rights violations
  2. Gathering evidence and video clips that show the Assad regime committing crimes.
  3. Create a file containing all the authorizations and contracts with the Syrian Coalition.
  4. Open channels of communication between the working team of the Legal Office and the rest of the offices of the Syrian Coalition.
  5. The Legal Office makes legal reviews on a daily basis of press releases published by the Syrian Coalition.
  6. Providing information for all reports published by human rights organizations, and providing all information for all international agreements related to human rights, especially the four Geneva conventions.
  7. Liaising with the Assistance Coordination Union Office in regards to legal matters.
  8. Issuing a legal memorandum of demands concerning the Syrian Coalition.
  9. Preparing for conferences about Syrian constitutional law.
  10. Contracting private investigators to pursue looted money and to collect evidences about crimes committed by regime supporters in the Arabian Gulf, Europe, America and other nations.
  11. Coordinating with the International Criminal Court in regards to crimes committed by the Assad regime.
  12. The establishment of seminars delivered by members of the legal office to define and explain the transitional justice and the necessities of the next stage of Syrian history.
  13. Build a judicial body to unite all the judicial councils operating on liberated Syrian territory by inviting them to a general conference of all judicial bodies, resulting in the formation of the judiciary, judicial police and courts that apply the law uniformly in all the liberated areas.
  14. Executing on program steps for transitional justice in coordination with all the offices concerned with this matter in the Coalition.