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28 December 2017 In Coalition News

Head of the Syrian opposition Negotiations Committee, Nasr Hariri, stressed that the Sochi conference which Moscow calls for "bypasses all international resolutions on Syria and ignores the right of the Syrian people to establish a free democratic state for all its citizens." He said the Assad regime continues to obstruct the political process in Geneva which makes it imperative that the United Nations assume its role in the enforcement of international resolutions.

At a videoconference with senior leaders in Dara’a province on Thursday, Hariri said that "the information being circulated about the Sochi conference is catastrophic." He added that Russia is seeking through the conference to “crown its military actions in Syria with a political achievement in its own way.”

Hariri underscored that the Syrian opposition will continue to press for the implementation of the Geneva Communiqué of 2012 and the relevant international resolutions, especially UN Security Council resolution 2254. He maintained that brining about a political transition in line with UN resolutions is the only solution to save Syria.

The participation of the Negotiations Committee in the Geneva process serves the Syrian revolution and the interests of the Syrian people, Hariri added. "Despite the lack of tangible outcome from these negotiations, our participation was necessary to expose the regime and its crimes in front of the international community.”

Hariri also stressed that the Negotiations Committee’s delegation to Geneva is facing the regime and its allies as well as the international community “which remains silent about the heinous crimes being committed against the Syrian people." He stressed the need for forces of the revolution and the opposition to remain "one hand in the face of the dictatorial Assad regime." (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

28 December 2017 In Coalition News

The Syrian Supreme Hajj Committee praised the efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to look after and serve the Syrian pilgrims every year at a meeting with Saudi officials on Wednesday.

The Syrian Supreme Hajj Committee arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on an official visit on Wednesday. Dr. Nazir al-Hakim, Head of the Supreme Hajj Committee and Secretary-General of the Syrian Coalition, stressed the importance of efforts made by Saudi Arabia to serve pilgrims of the Islamic world.

For his part, HE Dr. Abdul Fattah bin Sulaiman Mishat, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah praised the institutional efforts being made by the Syrian Supreme Hajj Committee in serving the Syrian pilgrims since 2013.

Mishat added that the Kingdom considers serving pilgrims to be a holy national duty. He pointed out that "the Saudi government provides assistance to all peoples, including the Syrian brothers who will continue to receive appropriate support."

The meeting, which was held in Jeddah today, brought together members of the Syrian Supreme Hajj Committee headed by Dr. Nazir al-Hakim, Deputy Head Dr. Hisham Marwa, Director the Syrian Hajj Samer Birqdar, members of the Committee, HE Dr. Abdul Fattah bin Sulaiman Mishat, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr. Hussein bin Nasser Al-Sharif, Deputy Minister for Hajj Affairs, Undersecretary of the Ministry for Public Administration Affairs and Visit in Medina, and representatives of the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The delegations exchanged badges of honor at the end of the meeting. The delegation's visit will last for a week during which it will meet institutions of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and sign the necessary contracts for the upcoming Hajj season. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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