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09 December 2017 In Coalition News

The Syrian opposition’s Negotiations Committee called on the United Nations and international organizations to intervene urgently to relieve Syrian refugees in refugee camps in and around the town of Arsal in eastern Lebanon who are suffering dire conditions with the onset of winter.

Members of the Committee held a teleconference with representative of the Syrian Coalition in Lebanon Abdul Rahman Akkari, director of one of the camps in Arsal, and Head of the delegation of the Committee on Coordination with the Lebanese government Khaled Raad. The teleconference discussed the situation in the Syrian refugees camps in and around the border town.

Akkari and Raad gave a detailed overview of the situation of Syrian refugees in Arsal and Lebanon in general as well as of the urgent needs that need to be met. He pointed out that the refugees are living in difficult conditions due to the severe weather conditions and lack of means of heating.

Fires broke out in a refugee camp in Arsal on Friday after a gas cylinder exploded, killing 10 people, including eight children, and injuring dozens more.

Member of the Negotiations Committee Abdul Rahman Mustafa said that the sole and comprehensive solution to end the suffering of the Syrian people is to bring about a political transition in Syria through the implementation of international resolutions on Syria.

Member of the Committee’s delegation to Geneva Tariq Kurdi expressed hope that the United Nations agencies will urgently relieve refugees in Arsal, pointing out that the delegation will discuss the situation of Syrian refugees in Arsal with the United Nations team in Geneva in order to secure more support for them. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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