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15 June 2017 In Coalition News

Syrian activists have launched an online campaign under the title "Take Action for Dara’a" to shed light on the unprecedentedly brutal bombing campaign that Russia and the pro-regime militias have launched on the province since early June.

Spokesman for the campaign Samir Saadi said that they have contacted human rights organizations concerned with the Syrian issue, including Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Save the Children, and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Saadi said that over 85% of the FSA-held parts of Dara’a city has been reduced to rubble as a result of the ongoing bombing campaign. At least 20,000 people have been displaced from Dara’a city, while over 70,000 others have been displaced from the surrounding towns of Naiema, Yadoudah, and the villages straggling along Dara’a-Damascus highway.

Over 500 barrel bombs, some of them filled with the internationally banned napalm, and 500 heavy rockets having massive destructive power as well as hundreds of airstrikes have so far hit the city.

About 20 civilians were killed in artillery and aerial bombardment on the town of Tafas on Wednesday and in an explosion of a IED in the Lajat area 75 km northeast of Dara’a city.

Saadi pointed out that the onslaught on Dara’a is being spearheaded by the Iranian-backed militias, Hezbollah militias, the Afghan Fatimyoun Brigade, and the Iraqi Nujabaa’ Militia is being supported by close Russian aerial cover. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Smart News Network)

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