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16 June 2017 In Coalition News

Secretary-General of the Syrian Coalition Nazir Hakim stressed the need to re-activate the role of the Syrian Coalition in leading the Syrian revolution and to provide its institutions with distinguished, qualified staff. He also stressed the need to empower Syrian youth and women.

Hakim made these remarks during meetings he held separately with Lara Scarpitta, Political Advisor on Syria at the EU Delegation to Turkey, Hermann Nicolai, Senior Advisor on Syrian affairs at the German consulate in Turkey, and Fabrice Desplechin, Advisor on Syrian Affairs and France’s Deputy Consul-General in Turkey.

During the meetings, Hakim stressed that the Coalition is working to return to Syria and reach out to and strengthen the social base to which it belongs. He also highlighted the role of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) and Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) in contributing to these efforts in line with the presidential plan for this stage of the revolution.

Hakim pointed out that the Coalition is working to strengthen its relations with sisterly and friendly countries to serve the revolution of the Syrian people and help fulfill their demands for freedom and dignity.

Hakim pointed to the fierce onslaught the Assad regime and the Iranian militias are waging on Dara’a province supported by Russian aerial cover. He gave on overview of the situation of civilians who were displaced as a result of the indiscriminate bombing on Dara’a. Hakim called on the European officials to step support for SIG and ACU to relieve people fleeing the relentless bombardment.

For their part, the European officials reiterated continued support for the Syrian Coalition and its role in the next phase. They also reaffirmed support for SIG efforts to provide services to the civilian population in the liberated areas. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)



16 June 2017 In Coalition News

Head of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) Jawad Abu Hatab said that students in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Aleppo are taking online courses as part of a partnership program established with US universities.

Abu Hatab was talking during a visit to the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry in northern Syria along with the Minister of Higher Education Abdulaziz Dughaim, Minister of Education Imad Barq, Head of the University of Aleppo Abdulqadir Alsheikh, SIG Deputy Head Abdullah Hammadi, Executive Director of the Sankari Foundation Abdulrahman Damdam, and Director of Midad Association Azzam Khanji.

The delegation also visited the Teachers’ Training Institute in the town of Khirbat Aljawz in rural Lattakia, Bernas Hospital, and the Medical Institute in the Syrian coast.

Abu Hatab pointed out that they discussed ways to develop and support the two faculties through providing them with laboratories and administrative staff.

Abu Hatb pointed out that SIG has established partnerships with American universities to teach students of the Faculty of Medicine. The move aims to enrich the curricula being taught in the faculty and to help obtain international recognition of the certificates issued by the University of Aleppo.

Nearly 400 students who had to drop out of their universities because of harassment by the Assad regime security forces currently attend the Faculty of Medicine which was Established in 2015. In addition to those students, the faculty includes fresh students who graduated from the high schools run by SIG and obtained certificates issued by SIG’s Ministry of Education. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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