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24 August 2017 In Coalition News

Officials of the Syrian Coalition held a teleconference with representatives of the local councils of the towns of Jeroud, Ruhaiba, and Dumeir in Rural Damascus to discuss the latest political and field developments in Syria.

Vice-president of the Coalition Abdul Basset Hamo said that a political solution that does not guarantee the removal of Bashar Assad and his clique would be doomed to failure, stressing at the need to hold everyone whose hands are stained with the blood of the Syrian people to account.

Secretary-General of the Coalition Nazir Hakim said that the Coalition and the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) are working to meet the needs of Syrians in the liberated areas through the provision of services to the population using the resources in hand. He pointed to constant communications with local and international organizations as well as with the United Nations to provide them with periodic reports on the situation in the liberated areas, especially the besieged and hard-to-reach areas.

Secretary of the political committee Muhammad Yahya Maktabi said that the fact that Russia has the upper hand in Syria indicate attempts to rehabilitate the Assad regime. He stressed that Assad’s survival in power at any stage will render the political transition meaningless and empty it of substance.

For his part, head of the local council in Jeroud Ali Jamous said that the Assad regime has put increasing pressure on civilians in the town sine ISIS fighters withdrew from the town. He added that the Assad regime has committed many crimes against residents of the town with the aim of putting pressure on forces of the revolution to surrender the town.

Head of the local council in the town of Dumeir Firas Laham said that the Assad regime imposes siege on the town to starve the civilian population who include many people who were displaced from other areas. He pointed out that the town is now home to over 100,000 people, adding that medical centers suffer severe shortage of medical supplies, especially anesthetic drugs.

Head of the local council in the town of Ruhaiba said that the influx of Syrian refugees from the Lebanese town of Arsal to the town has increased the suffering of civilians who already suffer severe shortages of food and medical supplies. He called on international organizations to urgently intervene to meet the needs the local population. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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