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05 August 2017 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition reaffirmed support for demonstrators who took to the streets of many towns and villages across Syria on Friday.

In a press release issued on Saturday, the Coalition said that thousands of Syrians participated in the demonstrations whose aim was “to preserve the true character of the revolution.”

The Coalition stressed that the Syrian people will not accept any attempts to pressure them into giving up their demands for freedom, justice and dignity.

“Preserving the unity of the Syrian people and the integrity of Syria’s territory is only option that is acceptable to the Syrian people under a new free, democratic system of rule that guarantees respect for human rights, freedom, and dignity,” the Coalition added.

The Coalition highly praised the demonstrations that took to the streets on Friday “to reaffirm commitment to the guiding principles of the revolution and its demands.”

“The Friday demonstrations carried abundantly clear, unmistakable messages that need no further explanation or interpretation as evidenced by the flag of the Syrian revolution which was raised above all other flags and banners.”

The Coalition went on: “Rallying around the flag of the revolution, the Syrian people have once again showed unshakeable determination to regain their legitimate rights and to keep on the path set for them by the flag of the revolution to freedom and salvation from all forms of injustice, tyranny, terrorism, and extremism.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

04 August 2017 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition continues with the efforts to keep open channels of coordination and communication with the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and to follow their situation closely. As part of these efforts, the Coalition’s political committee held teleconference with civic groups in the Syrian refugees’ camp in and around the Lebanese town of Arsal to discuss the latest developments in the camps and ways to meet the needs of the Syrian refugees in the border area.

Activist Khaled Raad said that they had formed a temporary committee to coordinate with the Lebanese government as well as local and international humanitarian organizations to tackle the issues and problems facing Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Activist Ziad Al-Waw said that they are working hard to improve the lives of refugees in refugee camps in Lebanon and to find radical solutions to their problems and meet their daily needs, especially in the town of Arsal.

The Activists called on the Syrian Coalition to set up an official committee tasked with consulting with the Lebanese government which they said is ready to deal with the Syrian opposition, particularly the Coalition.

Member of the political committee Hadi Bahra said that the Coalition will seek to reach political agreements that guarantee the refugees’ right to safely return to their country as well as to find logical solutions to the problems facing them, especially with regards to legal issues such as the procurement of official documents. He also said the agreement would be aimed at improving the situation of Syrian civilians.

Acting on suggestions put forward during the teleconference, the Coalition decided to set up an official committee to work according to a unified vision and adjusts the discourse of the opposition, Bahra said. He added that committee would be tasked with conducting a study to establish safe areas in the western Qalamoun area or near the Zabadani area, noting that the Coalition will communicate with the Lebanese government to this end. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

03 August 2017 In Coalition News

Officials in the Syrian Coalition said that extremism and tyranny would have no future in Syria, stressing the need for the institutions of the revolution and civil society organizations to stand united against attempts to rehabilitate the Assad regime.

Secretary of the Coalition’s political committee Yahya Maktabi said that "there are three conflicting projects in Syria, which are tyranny, terrorism, and the will of the sons and daughters of Syria." He stressed that the Syrian people will regain freedom and dignity whatever the odds.

Speaking during a teleconference with representatives of Aleppo provincial council, Maktabi said that the tyrannical Assad regime has long sent two messages to Syrians and the outside world. The first message, "Assad or we burn the country," was addressed to the Syrian people at home, while the second one, “Assad or ISIS,” was addressed to the outside world.

Maktabi stressed the need for forces of the revolution to close ranks to confront the forces that are lobbying for Assad as well as to thwart attempts to rehabilitate the Assad regime. “United we stand, divided we fall,” he said.

Maktabi stressed the important role of civil society organizations, saying that local councils in Syria “are at the heart of civil society.”

Yasser Farhan, member of the Coalition’s political committee, said that while the Assad regime receives unwavering political support from a superpower, namely Russia, the United States has so far focused on combating terrorism. The US’s ignoring of the root cause of terror, which is the Assad regime, has further prolonged the conflict and increased the suffering of civilians.

Farhan underscored the need to keep open the channels of communication and to boost coordination among the local councils, the Syrian Interim Government, and civil society organizations as offering the Syrian people the best hope for getting rid of the tyrannical regime. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Agencies)

02 August 2017 In Coalition News

The Assad regime executed a prominent Palestinian-Syrian software developer Bassel Khartabil, also known as Bassel Safadi. Safadi was detained in 2012 and taken to one of the Assad regime’s prisons in Damascus. According to many reports from international human rights groups, tens of thousands of detainees have died in Assad’s prisons since the popular uprising broke out in March 2011.

Amnesty International on Tuesday confirmed Safdai was executed back in 2015. His wife, rights activist Nora Ghazi Safadi on Tuesday wrote on her Facebook page that her husband died just days after he was taken from Adra Prison near Damascus to an undisclosed location in Damascus on October 3, 2015.

Nora posted ironic remarks addressing the Assad regime. “This is the end that suits a hero like him. Thank you for killing my lover. I was the bride of the revolution because of you. And because of you I became a widow. This is a loss for Syria. This is loss for Palestine. This is my loss,” she wrote.

Born in 1981, Safadi was one of Syria’s leading pro-free speech and democracy activists. He was awarded the title of the Ambassador of Creative Commons for his contribution to the Mozilla projects.

He is known for leading many technical and innovative projects. His final project was the New Palmyra Project which sought to recreate, through open-source tools, the ancient ruins of Palmyra. As an extension of this project, a massive 3D-printed rendering of one of the Palmyra Tetrapylons was created.

Safadi was the co-founder of Damascus' Aiki Lab, a collaborative online community of open-source information and programs that is credited with “vastly extending online access and knowledge to the Syrian people.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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