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18 September 2017 In Coalition News

An official in the Syrian Coalition said that stalling negotiations on Syria does not serve the political solution, pointing out that such delay increases the suffering of the Syrian people.

Member of the Coalition’s political committee Badr Jamous said that the Syrian people continue to suffer in IDPs camps and neighboring countries as well as in the prisons of the Assad regime due to delays in the launch of the political transition process as was stipulated by international resolutions. He added that the stalled political process risks killing off any lingering hopes for a political solution in Syria.

Jamous called on the United Nations to rise to international challenge and respect its institutions which confirmed that the Assad regime was responsible for many of the massacres in Syria. He also urged the UN to adopt a position restoring the confidence of the Syrian people that they lost over six years since the revolution broke out.

Jamous also urged the United Nations to refer the criminal Bashar al-Assad to the International Criminal Court rather than accepting him as a partner in the transitional period. He said that the talk about accepting Assad as a partner in a political solution amounts to exonerating him of the crimes he is committing against the Syrian people.

Jamous and member of the Coalition Abdul Hakim Bashar as well as a delegation from the opposition’s High Negotiations Committee (HNC) headed by General Coordinator Riad Hijab will participate in the upcoming UN General Assembly in New York. The delegation is scheduled to meet with a number of heads of states and foreign ministers of sisterly and friendly countries. The delegation will also participate in a number of multilateral meetings on the UN General Assembly meetings.

The delegation aims to convey the demands of the Syrian people to the world; emphasize the fundamental principles of the revolution; and highlight the suffering of the Syrian people during the UNGA meetings, which are one of the most important international platforms that was established to achieve peace and do justice for the peoples around the world.

The UN General Assembly serves as an international multilateral forum in which all the international issues contained in the UN Charter are discussed. The UN General Assembly, which consists of all 193 members of the United Nations, is the principal representative body for discussions and deliberations in the United Nations. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

18 September 2017 In Coalition News

Member of the Syrian Coalition’s political committee Oqab Yahya said that the bombardment on the town of Salamiya in eastern rural Hama began just a few days after Iranian General Qasim Soleimani described residents of the town as being “more extremist than ISIS.”

Yahya pointed out that Soleimani’s remarks came at a time when Iran is seeking to expand its influence in the region, adding that the Iranian plans were met by total rejection by people of Salamiya.

The Assad regime and its media mouthpieces have blamed ISIS for the shelling on Salamiya, Yahya said. However, eyewitnesses in the area confirmed that the rockets that hit the town were all launched from areas under the control of regime forces and their allied Iranian militias.

The Assad regime and Iran are seeking to terrorize people of the town and forcing them to leave their homes just as they did in many areas across Syria, Yahya went on. He also said that Assad and Iran are seeking to extort money from Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims to which most residents of the town of Salamiya belong.

Yahya went on to say that people of Salamiya are determined to confront tyranny and dictatorship, adding that this needs more work and sacrifices. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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