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04 December 2018 In Coalition News

Vice-president of the Syrian Coalition, Badr Jamous, said that the Assad regime’s rounding up of military-aged men to take them into forced military service has exposed its true intentions and its insistence on pursuing a bloody military solution.

Jamous added that the Assad regime has been using Syrian young men as a cannon fodder in its war against the Syrian people since 2011. He pointed out that to cling to power; Assad has turned Syria into a hotbed for the Iranian terrorist militias, the Hezbollah militia, the PYD militia, and other terrorist organizations.

Photos have recently made the rounds on social media of Assad regime forces rounding up dozens of young men to take them into forced military service.

Activists pointed out that the Assad regime forces launched a large-scale arrest campaign in the province of Dara’a over the past 48 hours and detained at least 70 people to take them into forced military service.

The arbitrary arrests took place in Dara’a city as well as the towns of Al-Yadoudeh, Al-Mozayrib, Tal Shihab, Tseil, Sahm al-Golan, and Sheikh Saad.

The Martyrs Documentation Office in Dara’a indicated that the arrests targeted former rebel fighters who agreed to the Assad regime’s forced reconciliations as well as civilians who are wanted for the compulsory and reserve military service.

The last month saw a significant increase in arbitrary arrests and kidnappings in the province of Dara’a compared to previous months. The Assad regime’s security apparatuses are carrying out arrests on an almost daily basis in most areas of the province. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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