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06 February 2018 In Coalition News

Ferocious onslaught by the Assad regime forces and Iranian militias backed by the Russian air force continues to target civilians in many parts across Syria as the UN Security Council failed to adapt a resolution to stop such attacks or to adopt a draft resolution on the use of chemical weapons.

In a press release issued on Monday, the Syrian Coalition called on the UN Security Council to take urgent action to stop the "war crimes and genocide” the Assad regime and Russian forces are committing against the Syrian people."

“The international community is obliged to condemn this criminal campaign and to work at all levels to stop it and protect civilians in Idlib, the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta, and all parts of Syria,” the Coalition added.

Activists in besieged eastern Ghouta said that 40 civilians were killed in airstrikes by the Assad regime and the Russian air forces on Tuesday. Local activist said that the Assad regime and Russian air forces committed four massacres in eastern Ghouta on Monday claiming the lives of about 30 civilians and leaving dozens wounded.

Activists in Douma said that life nearly stopped in the rebel-held district for fear of the Assad regime’s repeated use of toxic chlorine.

According to Agence France-Presse, a Western-backed draft resolution was submitted to the UN Security Council to condemn chlorine gas attacks by the Assad regime on eastern Ghouta. The Council failed again to reach agreement on a draft resolution establishing a new mechanism to condemn those responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria and to hold them accountable. . (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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