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18 April 2018 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition and ‘The Day After’ organization held a workshop on Law No. 10 and its consequences on the Syrian people. Judges, lawyers, administration officials, constitutional experts as well as technical experts from the association of engineers and technical departments in municipalities, state property and real estate register participated in the workshop.

Participants said that the Law No. 10 is an attempt to legitimize the crime of mass forced displacement as it is aimed at paving the way for confiscating the Syrians’ property and granting it to Assad regime loyalists. They warned that this newly introduced legalization is designed to serve the large-scale demographic change operations taking place in Syria.

Participants stressed that the move is aimed at consolidating the Iranian influence through non-military means by allowing Iranian companies to seize strategic and vital areas in Damascus and its suburbs, Aleppo, Homs, and Deir Ezzor under the pretext of reorganizing the destroyed areas.

Participants put forward a set of recommendations that included the establishment of an executive body to follow up on the developments with regard to the new law and to challenge the Assad regime’s legitimacy to introduce new legalizations. They expressed outright rejection of the new legalization as an attempt by the Iranian and Assad regimes to confiscate the property of the displaced persons and refugees.

Moreover, participants warned that the new law would allow rebuilding contracts to go to the new owners, which serves the Assad regime plans to change the demographic landscape in Syria. The new legalization also prevents the return of refugees to their homes in the future. Participants called on the international community to preserve the rights of Syrians and their property and prevent Iran from implementing its sectarian project in the region.

Participants gave an overview of the historical context of the real estate laws and the urban planning regulations currently in force. They examined Law No. 10 and all similar laws, such as Decree No. 66 and the ‘absentee funds management law’ as well as discussed their possible consequences. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

18 April 2018 In Coalition News

President of the Syrian Coalition Abdurrahman Mustafa said that the Assad regime’s blocking of the entry of a team of experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to the town of Douma is further proof its responsibility for the latest chemical attack against innocent civilians.

"The Assad regime has committed the crime of using chemical weapons dozens of times since the start of the revolution. These attacks no longer need to be proved,” Mustafa said in comments he posted on Twitter on Wednesday. “Russia and the Assad regime’s prevention of OPCW experts from entering Douma was further proof of Assad’s responsibility for the crime.”

Mustafa also said that Russia is shielding the Assad regime and Iranian militias against punishment for their crimes. "Russia has chosen to support the Assad regime and the Iranian militias, thus causing more killings of civilians and various war crimes. Russia also shielded Assad against the consequences of the repeated use of chemical weapons.”

Mustafa urged the United States, Great Britain, and France to punish the Assad regime for all the crimes he is committing, including the use of conventional weapons. He stressed that such measures would force the Assad regime to engage in the political process and to abide by international resolutions. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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