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21 April 2018 In Coalition News

As part of efforts by the Syrian Coalition and the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) to enable residents of the Afrin region to administer their towns and villages by themselves, a local council was formed in the town of Jandaris with Sobhi Rizk appointed as its head.

The council consists of 15 members from the town's local population, including four executive members. Fawzi Hasan was appointed as deputy head of the council.

Efforts to set up a local administration in the Afrin region of rural Aleppo began with the formation of a local council in the town of Afrin on April 12. Rizk on Friday told reporters that the council would work with SIG’s directorates to restart the existing institutions in the town and provide services to the civilian population.

"Our work in the coming period will focus on ensuring the return of people stranded on the outskirts of Afrin to their homes; improving the security situation; and the rehabilitation of education, health, and services sectors,” Rizk said.

Rizk pointed out that the Turkish government expressed its full support for the local council, adding that the council would begin its work by early next week.

Local councils will be formed in all other sub-districts of Afrin region with the aim of restoring stability and ensuring the return of displaced persons to their homes and lands.

The Syrian Coalition, in cooperation with the Syrian Interim Government (SIG), the Free Aleppo Governorate Council, and Afrin’s Local Council, on Thursday held a workshop with the aim of assessing the needs of the civilian population of Afrin.

The workshop, which was also attended by representatives of friendly countries, discussed ways to provide support and meet the basic needs of civilians as well as to rehabilitate service institutions in the region. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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