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08 May 2018 In Coalition News

President of the Syrian Coalition Abdul Rahman Mustafa said that Iran bears primary responsibility for the mass forced displacement and demographic change operations taking place against civilians in Syria. He added that Assad forces are executing Iran’s plans under Russia’s sponsorship.

Mustafa stressed that these operations are added to the litany of "war crimes" the Assad regime and its backers are committing in Syria, stressing that these crimes are "are not subject to statute of limitations and will eventually be referred to the International Criminal Court."

Iran continues to blatantly defy the international community by increasing the number of its militias and seeking to expand its influence into new areas, President Mustafa said. He stressed that the way these terrorist militias are deployed in Syria clearly indicate that they occupy Syria and use the Assad regime and its forces as auxiliary militias.

Member of the Coalition’s political committee Yasser Farhan said that Iran today represents the "root of all evil" in the region, pointing out that the incidents that surrounded the recent elections in Lebanon have shown the size of the Iranian infiltration into the region and who is behind all the atrocities against civilians.

"The Syrian people have long suffered the horrors of the Iranian-led terrorist operations. Iran is leading the forces of evil in the region and its activities must be stopped once and for all," Farhan said. He added that Iran is “seeking to consolidate its sectarian project in countries of the region and create further chaos."

Farhan pointed out that the international community has a responsibility to confront Iran’s expansionist project now more than ever, adding that this requires firm and bold positions forcing Tehran to stop exporting and supporting terrorist sectarian militias as well as to confront its horrific crimes against civilians. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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