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11 June 2018 In Coalition News

Militias of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) seized houses of members of the Kurdish National Council in northeastern Syria and settled other families in them. The Syrian Coalition said that these militias were trying to impose a de facto situation on civilians under the force of arms and through intimidation and the commission of various crimes against them.

The PYD militias, which the Coalition described as "terrorist," have put their hands on houses of Fouad Aliko and Ibrahim Berro. They earlier seized house of political dissident Abdulhakim Bashar. Aliko said that “these mean methods will not deter us from exposing your approach which caused serious harm to the Kurdish cause and the Kurdish people.”

"All houses do not equal a single drop of the blood of the people who were killed in your futile battles serving the agendas and interests of others. Time and history are enough to punish you for the crimes you have committed against this oppressed people who have suffered a lot because of the oppression and terror you committed against them,” Aliko said.

Former head of the Kurdish National Council, Ibrahim Berro, said that his sister's house was attacked by ten heavily armed men who were led by members of the terrorist PKK group. He said that the militias had kidnapped his sister's husband and forced the children out of the house at gunpoint and confiscated the house under the pretext that it was originally owned by Berro.

The Kurdish National Council condemned all "the PYD’s terrorist practices the Kurds in general as well as leaders and members of the Council, especially those who disagree with its policies.” It stressed that these acts "violated all human and democratic values, principles of human rights, and laws on personal property rights. They will also lead to growing concerns among the Kurds over their own safety and property, it added. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

11 June 2018 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition once again warned the United Nations and the UN Security Council of the dangers of attacks by the regime and Russia on towns and villages in Idlib province that are covered by the ‘de-escalation zones’ agreement. It stressed that urgent action needs to be taken to prevent further escalation and ensure protection for civilians.

The Assad regime and Russian air forces on Sunday raided residential areas and vital civilian centers in Idlib province, killing and injuring dozens of people. The bombings came just two days following the horrible massacre the Russian air force committed in the town of Zardana claiming the lives of over 40 people.

Local activists said that at least 15 civilians were killed, including six children, and dozens more wounded in airstrikes by the Russian and Assad regime air forces on a children's hospital in the town of Taftanaz and residential areas in the towns of Binnish and Ariha on Sunday.

The airstrikes knocked out the children’s hospital in Taftanaz, with witnesses confirming that the facility was deliberately and directly targeted.

The Coalition renewed calls on the world’s major powers and friendly countries to assume their responsibilities to stop the crimes being committed in Syria.

“Urgent action needs to be taken to enforce the UN Security Council resolutions demanding an end to the killings, the release of detainees, and the achievement of a political transition in accordance with the Geneva Communique of 2012 and the relevant Security Council resolutions,” the Coalition said.

The Coalition pointed out that Idlib province has become densely populated especially after the arrival of people who were forcibly displaced from other parts of Syria. It warned that the repeated bombardment of Idlib threatens an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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