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10 July 2018 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition’s Department of Foreign Affairs held two separate meetings in the Turkish capital Ankara with Sweden Ambassador Lars Wahlund and Cote d’iIvour Ambassador Yacouba Atta. The meetings discussed the latest developments on the ground in Dara’a province and the latest political developments regarding the issue of the drafting of a new Syrian constitution.

Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Abd al-Ahad Steifo talked about the series of mass forced displacement being carried out by the Assad regime against civilians in different parts of Syria. He urged Sweden and Côte d'Ivoire, both non-permanent members of the UN Security Council, to support the Syrian people’s demands for freedom and dignity.

Steifo urged Sweden, which will preside over the UN Security Council next month, to support the taking of a firm stance towards the war crimes being committed by the Assad regime against civilians and put an end to the international community’s failure to take legal responsibility towards the protection of civilians.

Steifo stressed the need to provide humanitarian and relief assistance to the displaced people, especially in southern Syria where over 300,000 people have been displaced in recent weeks, according to United Nations.

Moreover, Steifo stressed that the Coalition's serious engagement in negotiations to reach a political solution was met by insistence of the Assad regime to pursue a bloody security and military solution. He noted that the formation of a Constitutional Committee tasked with drafting a new constitution is key to bring about real political transition and the establishment of a state that is based on the rule of law. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

Meeting with Sweden Ambassador Lars Wahlund
Meeting with Sweden Ambassador Lars Wahlund

10 July 2018 In Coalition News

A delegation from the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) met with officials from the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin and discussed with them the situation on the ground in Syria, especially in the liberated areas as well as the situation of services and institutional work.

The delegation met with German Ambassador Eckhard Proze, Germany’s aid coordinator in the Middle East Patrick Wagner, and coordinator of the Syrian file in the German Foreign Ministry Isabella Mancuso.

The meeting discussed the major challenges and difficulties facing the activation of the work of institutions and service projects in the liberated areas as well as ways to meet the urgent needs of the large numbers of people who were forcibly displaced to northern Syria.

Both sides also discussed ways to strengthen cooperation to secure funding for services projects being implemented by SIG in the liberated areas. The discussions also touched on the SIG’s Trust Fund and its future projects in those areas.

Participants in the meeting underscored the importance of supporting SIG’s work in the liberated areas in view of the Assad regime and its allies’ destruction of most health, educational, services and judicial institutions. SIG’s said that this support is key to alleviate the suffering of Syrian civilian and the consolidation of civil democratic work. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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