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24 October 2019 In Coalition News

Head of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) Abdurrahman Mustafa toured the town of Tel Abyad in northern rural Raqqa a few days after it was liberated from the PYD militia as part of Operation Peace Spring.

Accompanied by SIG’s ministers, Mustafa met with the townspeople and listened to their needs. He promised to work to meet their needs and demands and to bring stability to the town as he stressed that having been cleared of terrorist organizations, the town entered a new phase that will be characterized by the restoration of security, freedom and human dignity.

Mustafa pointed out that SIG’s ministers are working to form local councils of the local people; activate institutions; and provide services to the population.

The SIG delegation also visited the headquarters of the Syrian National Army’s (SNA) Third Corps as Mustafa thanked the SNA’s fighters for liberating the region. He urged them to treat civilians fairly and help meet their needs pending the SIG and its police force’s assumption of their roles. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

24 October 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian Interim Government’s (SIG) Minister of Finance Abdel-Hakim Al-Masri toured SIG’s institutions in the town of Al-Ra'ie in northern rural Aleppo. Accompanied by the manager of the border crossings and the director of the Seed Propagation Foundation, Al-Masri ascertained the performance of the institutions and gave an overview on the work of the Ministry and its reliance on local institutions for the securing of revenues for SIG.

Al-Masri visited the office of the Syrian National Coalition in Aleppo province where he met with the Coalition members Ahmad Al-Shehadi and Najib Rahmoun. They discussed ways to meet the needs of the people in the region and improve the services the SIG is providing to the civilian population.

Al-Masri also with members of the local council and the staff of the border crossing in the town of Al-Raie. He stressed the need to unify efforts and show cooperativeness among all SIG’s institutions as well as improve the services being provided to the civilian population.

Moreover, Al-Masri stressed the importance of the development of agriculture in the region and supporting the farmers, adding that SIG gives priority to the agricultural sector. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

24 October 2019 In Coalition News

Amal Sheikou, Coordinator of the Syrian National Coalition’s Office of Refugees Affairs said that the Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee helped settle the status of a large number of cases in Istanbul, including the exceptional statuses that are being addressed in order of priority.

Sheikou pointed out that those Syrian nationals having these cases were given the temporary protection identification documents issued in Istanbul, adding that their residence in Istanbul is now legal and that they do not face any risks.

Sheikhou pointed out that these cases include students with their families, university students in Istanbul, and holders of work permits. She also said that abolished ID cards were reactivated and new ones were given to Syrian nationals who do not have valid residence papers.

She went on to say that the Committee secured ID cards for patients being treated in Istanbul hospitals and helped with the reunification of families. She also said that the family reunification is possible if the majority of the family were registered in Istanbul.

Sheikhou urged Syrian nationals to get their legal status addressed and do what is necessary to resolve infarctions of regulations before October 30th.

She also called on Syrian nationals to have their legal status settled in one of the three branches of the Turkish Directorate General of Migration Management in the districts of Sultan Bailey, Esenler, or Esenyurt. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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