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15 October 2019 In Coalition News

President of the Syrian Coalition Anas Al-Abda, sent a letter to Tunisian President-elect Qais Said to congratulate him for winning the presidential elections as he wished him success in his new position. He also praised the "civilized model" Tunisia has shown to the world.

“We are filled with pride as we see the value ​​of democracy being consolidated through this wonderful civilized model and the free, fair elections,” President al-Abda said.

He expressed his confidence that Tunisia, under its new leadership, will continue to play its pivotal role as a prominent member of the Arab and international community.

President al-Abda stressed the close relationship between the Syrian and Tunisian people as well as Tunisia's important role in supporting the Syrian revolution. “The Tunisian Republic has always been a sisterly country and a true supporter of the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom, dignity and justice. The Tunisian people have inspired us through their revolution.”

“The Coalition seeks to strengthen the mutual relations with the Republic of Tunisia,” President al-Abda said. He expressed his hope that Tunisia will continue to support the cause of the Syrian people and the efforts to reach a political solution in accordance with international resolutions, most notably the Geneva Communique of 2012 and UN Resolution 2254. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

14 October 2019 In Coalition News

Secretary-General of the Syrian National Coalition, Abdelbaset Abdullatif, said that the PYD and PKK militias do not defend the rights of the Kurds, stressing that they are a mere tool that serves the plans of the Assad regime and the malicious schemes undermining the security and future of the region.

Abdullatif said that the Assad regime helped establish and supported the PKK terrorist organization and set up training camps for them near Damascus and the Lebanese Bekaa Valley. He said that at the same time, the regime was oppressing the Kurds in Syria by arresting their national figures and preventing any Kurdish party from exercising its role.

Abdullatif pointed out that these organizations do not aim to serve the Kurds or defend their rights, but are terrorist organizations that thrives in times of war like any other terrorist organization.

Brigadier General Abdullatif, who served as chief of the police force in the Qamishli sub-district for 22 years, said that the regime handed over the border crossings and a number of police headquarters in the region to the PYD militia in 2012.

“We were well aware of the close relations between the regime and those militias," Abdullatif said, adding: "The relationship between the two sides included training and the supplying of weapons with the primary goal of preventing the Kurds from joining the Syrian revolution when it was at its height."

“The regime was also well aware of the danger of the participation of the Kurds in the Syrian revolution, so it devised a strategy to alienate them. The strategy began with the assassination of the prominent activist Meshaal Tammo who was a symbol of the active participation of the Kurds in the revolution. The regime also began supporting those militias to prevent the Kurds from demonstrating and sought to sow hostilities with other components of the Syrian society as well as with Turkey.”

Moreover, Abdullatif stressed that the Kurdish cause is a fundamental one in the Syrian revolution, adding that “we are seeking to establish a state of justice and equality that guarantees the rights of all members of society.”

The Secretary-General called on the Syrian people not to fall for the slogans and speeches aimed at creating strife among the components of the Syrian people. He also called for upholding the principles of the Syrian revolution, namely the overthrowing the Assad regime and achieving freedom and dignity for all members of society.

He stressed that fighting the PYD and PKK militias is aimed at stopping the crimes and violations against civilians and ridding them of their subversive role in the region as well as restoring security and stability to the region through the formation of local councils by the local people. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

14 October 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian Negotiations Commission announced the names of its representatives in the drafting committee of the Constitutional Committee, which includes 15 members to participate in the first round of negotiations scheduled for late October at the UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Commission said that it sent the names of its 15 delegates to the United Nations. It pointed out that it held a meeting in the presence of its head Nasr al-Hariri, with the drafting committee of the Constitutional Committee. The Commission formed the drafting committee in the presence of the co-chairman of the Constitutional Committee, Hadi al-Bahra.

It added that Al-Hariri discussed with members of the Committee the latest results of the work of the sub-committees and workshops with regards to the outlining of visions for the provisions of the constitution to be discussed with the other party.

Hariri urged members of the committee to work as a team and show a high national sense of responsibility and bear in mind the interest of the homeland and the achievement of the aspirations of the Syrian people.

Hariri stressed that the Constitutional Committee, with its 50 members, and team of advisors, would support the drafting committee in Geneva. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

14 October 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian National Coalition congratulated the brotherly Tunisian people for the successful holding of elections and the winning of independent candidate Qais Said in the second round of the presidential elections.

The Coalition said it wishes the new Tunisian president, Qais Said, success as it affirms its confidence in the free and democratic choice of the Tunisian people.

It also affirmed its confidence that the president-elect will carry on with the development of Tunisia; serve the brotherly Tunisian people; and consolidate democracy which was established thanks to the Jasmine Revolution.

“We hope that the Tunisian experience will continue to be successful, and that the Syrian people will soon achieve what their Tunisian brothers have achieved, regain their freedom; and accomplish the project of change for which they have made enormous sacrifices.” (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

12 October 2019 In Coalition News

Member of the Syrian National Coalition, Brigadier General Fatih Hassoun, visited the representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Hatay province, Serdar Cengiz, and discussed with him the latest political and on the ground developments in Syria and the situation of Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Hassoun presented the Turkish official with a book in both Arabic and Turkish on the causes that led to the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, including the crimes being committed by the Assad regime against innocent civilians of all social components, and the immense sacrifices being made by the Syrian people for freedom and dignity.

The two sides discussed the ongoing military operation being carried out by the Syrian National Army and the Turkish army east of the Euphrates River. The operation has so far resulted in the liberation of the town of Ras al-Ain and dozens of villages and towns near Tal Abyad.

The two sides stressed the importance of the re-stabilization of the region east of the Euphrates and the elimination of terrorist organizations, including PKK, PYD and ISIS which will allow the displaced people to return to their homes. They also stressed the need to allow the local population to manage these areas.

Hassoun emphasized the historical relationship between the Syrian and Turkish peoples, stressing the Syrian people's determination to carry on with their revolution until they achieve their goals of toppling the Assad regime and establishing a state that is based on justice and equality. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

11 October 2019 In Coalition News

Dignitaries in the town of Qamishli in rural al-Hasaka demanded that the PYD militia withdraw from the border town and stop firing shells at Turkish territory from inside the town.

In a statement on Friday, the dignitaries said that if the PYD militia continued with these acts, civilians would be forced to flee the town. “Let the town live in peace and stop the firing of shells from amongst civilian homes. Go to the border or to areas where there are clashes!”

The statement added that people of Qamishli began to leave the town after they saw the PYD militia firing shells on the Turkish territory. It pointed out that civilians are staying in out the open or in schools in the villages of Aweja and Rashwaniya.

Reuters on Thursday said that the PYD militia fired shells on the Turkish town of Akçakale opposite the Syrian town of Tal Abyad, killing two Turkish civilians and a Syrian child as well as wounding more than 50 others. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

11 October 2019 In Coalition News

Syrian human rights activists and intellectuals have launched a campaign through the NGO Avaaz to gather signatures and mobilize support for Operation Peace Spring which the Turkish army and the Syrian National Army launched against the PYD militia east of the Euphrates.

The campaign statement said that more than two million people who were displaced from the provinces of Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, Hasaka and Aleppo are not allowed to return to their homes without a guarantee from the PYD militia commanders, many of whom came from the Qandil Mountains.

The statement pointed out that the remaining civilians in the areas under the control of the PYD militia “suffer injustice, impoverishment, arrest and enforced disappearance.”

The statement denounced the PYD militia’s violations against civilians, especially the forced recruitment, turning the region into an arena for score-settling, and “the deployment of foreign mercenaries at the border.”

Moreover, the statement stressed the strong relationship between the Assad regime and the PYD militia, noting that “those who were brought up by the regime to serve its goals can only be tools for its policies aimed at sowing divisions and racism amongst the Syrian people.”

It stressed the importance of making the region a model for the upholding of the principles and values ​​of the Syrian revolution; to give everyone equal rights under the rule of law; and ensure representation of the people of the region in its institutions. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

10 October 2019 In Coalition News

The delegation representing the Syrian opposition in the Constitutional Committee on Thursday held its second meeting at the headquarters of the Syrian Negotiations Commission in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. The delegation adopted the internal procedures governing its work in accordance with the rules of procedure laid out by the UN envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen.

The delegation discussed the provisions of the constitution which the sub-committees drafted over the past year, out of which a new constitution will be drawn up. To this end, workshops have been formed to discuss a set of provisions and recommendations in line with the principles of the revolution and UN Security Council resolution 2254.

The provisions came in 11 sections, most importantly the rights and freedoms, the methods of election and the three legislative, judicial and executive powers, the sections related to the security and military institutions, the transitional provisions relating to detainees, the missing and affected persons, the Transitional Justice Commission, reconstruction, and elections.

The opposition delegation in the Constitutional Committee on Wednesday held its first meeting during which it met with advisors who will participate in the work of the Committee.

In comments he published on Twitter, Head of the Syrian Negotiations Commission, Nasr al-Hariri, said that "the Commission selected Hadi al-Bahra as co-chairman of the Constitutional Committee. It also announced its candidates for the Committee’s small group.”

Born in Damascus in 1959, al-Bahra has a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Wichita State University. He is currently a member of the Syrian Negotiations Commission and also a member of the Syrian National Coalition’s political committee.

Al-Bahra was elected as President of the Syrian National Coalition in September 2014. He was also selected as chief negotiator in the Coalition’s delegation to the Geneva II negotiations in 2014. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

09 October 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian Negotiations Commission held an expanded meeting in the Saudi capital of Riyadh that included its representatives in the Constitutional Committee as part of the preparations for negotiations on the drafting of a new constitution for the country in Geneva later this month.

The meetings include discussion of various topics and the distribution of the participants into specialized workshops that will convene for five days with the aim of preparing papers and files related to the constitutional process.

President of the Syrian National Coalition Anas al-Abda, stressed the importance of their work and the mission they are carrying out. He said: “We are tasked with drafting a constitution that will be written with the blood of the victims and the tears of the mothers. It is a constitution for all Syrians without exception.”

Al-Abda pointed to the need to "assume responsibility, which may be one of the most difficult tasks that can be placed on the shoulders of Syrian political figures for more than half a century." He called for stepping up efforts and working with more creatively and commitment while showing patience and hope.

Head of the Syrian Negotiations Commission, Nasr al-Hariri, stressed that the drafting of a new constitution is not the solution to the Syrian crisis, nor is it an alternative to the formation of Transitional Governing Body. The launch of its work requires in parallel negotiations on the other baskets, he added.

Al-Hariri pointed out that participation in the constitutional process stems from the fact that the Syrian issue is a just one, adding that the Assad regime is seeking to circumvent this process. He stressed commitment to all the principles and goals of the Syrian people and the need to be armed with will and clarity of vision. “We know where we will have to stop if the process came under danger or if its mechanism were derailed.”

Moreover, al-Hariri urged the international community and the UN envoy to work hard to launch a genuine process without hindrances to the Constitutional Committee and within a clear timetable in accordance with resolution 2254. He also called for working on the release of detainees and the establishment of a ceasefire, especially in Idlib. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

09 October 2019 In Coalition News

The Minister of Local Administration and Services of the Syrian Interim Government, Mohammad Saeed Suleiman, met with the Director of the Affairs of the Forcefully Displaced Persons in the town of Azaz in rural Aleppo.

Suleiman discussed the situation of displaced persons in the liberated areas and the most important issues, the problems and daily humanitarian needs.

Participant in the meeting reviewed the “interactive map" project which the Directorate is about to launch. The project aims to create a database containing all the information on the IDPs, including their needs and linking them with the online map service.

Suleiman praised the efforts being made by the staff of the Directorate and the important result, stressing the importance of working to provide services and alleviate the suffering of the IDPs. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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