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29 November 2019 In Coalition News

As part of the efforts of the Syrian Interim Government to maintain security and stability in the liberated areas, the Ministry of Interior is working to establish a police force in accordance with modern standards. The elements of the police force and public security will be committed to their duties and the tasks assigned to them in order to combat crime and impose the rule of law.

Interior Minister Colonel Mohieaddin Harmoush said that the ministry’s special committees conducted medical, physical and educational tests for applicants to the civilian police force in the towns of Tel Abyad in rural Raqqa and Ras Al-Ayn in rural Al-Hasakah at the headquarters of the Security Directorate in Afrin.

Harmoush stressed the importance of cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and other SIG’s ministries in order to integrate government work. He said that ensuring security and stability in the liberated areas is the first step to the success of SIG’s plan of action. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

29 November 2019 In Coalition News

Co-chair of the Constitutional Committee, Hadi Al-Bahra, said that the delegation of the Syrian Negotiations Commission put forward five proposals to the UN envoy, Geir Pedersen, concerning the agenda of the current round of discussions. He said that the delegation of the Assad regime rejected these proposals and insisted that the discussions must be limited to the so-called “national principles.” He noted that the regime’s delegation also insisted on entering the meeting room without an agreement on a clear agenda for the discussions.

At a press conference on Thursday, Al-Bahra said that as per the rules of procedure of the work of the Constitutional Committee, the co-chairs of the Committee must agree on an agenda 72 hours before the start of the second round of discussions.

The delegation of the Syrian Negotiations Commission put forward a proposal four days before the start of the second round of talks, he added. “We distributed our proposal to the media and sent it to the office of the UN Envoy. But the delegation of intelligence services and their Iranian master rejected these proposals and demanded an agenda outside the context of work Constitutional Committee, calling it the national principles.”

Moreover, Al-Bahra stressed that the “delegation of the regime of barrel bombs is clearly working under orders from its Iranian operator and insisting on disrupting the whole process.”

“We have made it clear to the UN envoy that the national principles have already been determined by the Syrian people according to the constitutions they voted on freely and according to the documents adopted to form the Constitutional Committee.” He said that these documents include the 12 Living Intra-Syrian Essential Principles that were laid out in Geneva and adopted in Sochi Conference and enclosed in the decision to form the Constitutional Committee.

Al-Bahra pointed out that they submitted a simpler proposal but was also rejected despite that it was at the heart of the work of the Constitutional Committee. He added that the regime also rejected the third proposal, noting that they presented two more proposals on Thursday, but were also rejected by the regime.

Al-Bahra showed the official paper presented by the delegation of the regime to journalists, saying that the regime’s delegation demanded that the delegations enter the meeting room and each delegation begins to discuss what it deems appropriate. “It is as if we came to a cultural forum to hold a dialogue while blood is being shed in Syria and barrel bombs are being rained on our people.”

Furthermore, Al-Bahra stressed that the delegation of the Syrian Negotiations Commission is on a national mission to end the siege on the Syrian people, put an end to the military operations, put an end to the injustice against the Syrian people, and achieve a real, genuine political transition that brings peace to Syria.

Al-Bahra went on to say that Friday is the last day of this second round of discussions, noting that the delegation of the Syrian Negotiations Commission will spare no effort until the last hour to start the work of the Committee. He pointed out that the talks must proceed in accordance with the rules of procedure agreed upon by all parties and in accordance with the mandate given to it, namely to draw up a draft constitution for Syria.

Al-Bahra concluded his remarks by stressing that the international community and the states that supported the formation of the Constitutional Committee are fully responsible for pushing towards positive performance by all delegations in the work of the Constitutional Committee. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

29 November 2019 In Coalition News

Syria’s Ambassador to Qatar Nizar Al-Haraki on Thursday met with Director General of Qatar’s Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA) Ibrahim Abdullah al-Duhaimi and discussed with him the dire humanitarian situation in northern Syria and the IDP camps in the border area.

The two sides discussed ways to step up support for humanitarian organizations and charities operating in the liberated areas and IDP camps.

The two sides stressed the importance of the delivery of aid to as many IDP as possible and coping with the continued waves of displacement in northwestern Syria and the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the region.

Al-Haraki stressed that with the onset of winter and the decline of temperatures, the IDP are at the risk of suffering harsh conditions. He called for taking all possible measures to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the region. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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