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04 December 2019 In Coalition News

Vice-president of the Syrian National Coalition, Oqab Yahya, condemned the intensifying onslaught being launched by the Assad regime and its Russian ally and the Iranian militias on Idlib province. The assault has so far displaced more than 14,000 households from their towns villages.

Yehya warned that the continuing international silence on the onslaught will encourage the Assad regime and its allies to escalate the military campaign on Idlib province. He expressed his fears of more displacement of civilians as a result of the relentless bombardment and shelling on Idlib province.

Yahya called on the international community to take urgent, concrete action to put an end to the onslaught on Idlib, stressing the importance of issuing binding resolutions to rein in the regime and its allies and save the remaining civilians in the province.

The ongoing bombing campaign has forced at least 78,113 people from their homes since it began in early November. The IDPs sought refuge in around 86 towns and 21 IDP camps distributed across northwestern Syria, according to the latest report by the Emergency Response Coordinators Team in Northern Syria.

The Team said that more than 125 civilians, including 40 children, have been killed and hundreds more injured since the start of the onslaught.

In a report issued on Sunday, the Syrian Network for Human Rights said that at least 277 civilians, including 72 children and 32 women, were killed across Syria in November, mostly in attacks by the Assad regime and its Russian ally. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

04 December 2019 In Coalition News

Coordinator of the Syrian National Commission for Detainees and Missing Persons and member of the Syrian National Coalition’s political committee Yasser Al-Farhan, said that arrest, torture, and murder are still the cornerstone of Assad’s rule of Syria. He reasserted the international community’s responsibility for the rescue of detainees and protection of civilians.

Al-Farhan said that the Assad regime has been systematically violating the international humanitarian law and international human rights law as well as showing utter disregard for the UN Security Council resolutions and all international norms conventions. “This requires effective measures to put an end to these crimes; redress the victims; and prevent impunity.”

Despite the Assad regime’s escalating violence, the Syrian people will not give up the demands for which they went out in peaceful demonstrations eight years ago, Al-Farhan said. He pointed out that there is no alternative to the removal of the regime “which has become a threat to international peace and security and continues to commit war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity.”

Al-Farhan praised the demonstrations organized by dozens of young men in the towns of Ma’araba and Heit in Dara’a province in the last two days. Demonstrators demanded the immediate release of detainees from the prisons of the Assad regime, an end to arrests, and the withdrawal of the Iranian militias.

Local activists said that demonstrators in Ma’araba held signs that read “Iran and Hezbollah have no place among us," "release the detainees from your prisons," and "the people want the detainees out." Demonstrators in Heit held signs calling for solutions to the deteriorating economic conditions, combating corruption, and emphasizing commitment to the Syrian revolution.

For more than two weeks, the towns and villages of Dara’a province have seen renewed anti-regime protests calling for the release of detainees, an end to arbitrary arrests by the regime's security forces, and the withdrawal of the Iranian sectarian militias from the province. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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