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14 February 2019 In Coalition News

President of the Syrian Coalition, Abdurrahman Mustafa, expressed his support to tighten the sanctions on Iran as he stressed that “the Iranian regime’s terrorist actions in the region is self-evident.”

President Mustafa’s remarks came as Warsaw Conference began on Wednesday bringing together foreign ministers and officials from more than 60 countries, most notably the United States and Saudi Arabia.

The conference aims to ratchet up pressure on Iran and bring an end to its crimes in neighboring Arab countries through dozens of sectarian militias operating in Syria, the ‘hashd’ militias in Iraq, the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon, and the Houthi militia in Yemen.

“The Iranian regime’s terrorist activity and its repression of the Iranian people are all self-evident,” President Mustafa said as he expressed surprise at the lack of firm stance towards these crimes.

“What surprises us is the international community’s lukewarm response to the actions of the Iranian regime as well as the insistence of some countries to tolerate the mullah regime in Iran and providing it with lifelines.”

Head of the Coalition’s Department of Media and Communications, Ahmed Ramadan, said that there is considerable support to the efforts aimed at increasing the pressure on Iran. He continued: “Any serious step to isolate Iran and end its interference in the affairs of other countries and its spread of terrorism will gain Arab support, especially in Syria and Iraq which are the number one victims of the Iranian militia.”

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, told Fox News that the international summit would focus on “the stability, peace, freedom, and security in the Middle East.” He pointed out that this requires ensuring that Iran does not exercise its “destabilizing influence.” (Source: Syrian’s Coalition Media Department)

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