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06 February 2019 In Coalition News

The US Senate on Tuesday passed a legislation including sanctions against the Assad regime and its backers. The Syrian Coalition hailed the move as “a step in the right direction.”

The initiative was supported by the Senate’s republican majority and received the support of 77 senators, while 23 voted against it.

The measure will be waiting to be proposed in its final version by the House of Representatives and be submitted to President Donald Trump for his signature in order for it to take effect. Such move will likely put the Assad regime and its supporters under increasing pressure as it includes the imposition of sanctions on everyone who does business with and funds the Assad regime or even those who have a role in the reconstruction projects being developed by the regime.

The bill also includes sanctions on foreigners working as military contractors or militias fighting for or on behalf of the Assad regime, Russia and Iran in Syria.

The measure also includes a list of senior regime officials, including Bashar al-Assad, his wife Asma, chiefs of the Political Security branch and the Air Force and Military Intelligence, and the Central Bank of Syria.

The Syrian Coalition described the move as "a step in the right direction that must be implemented effectively and without further delay." It called for further raising the crimes being committed by the Assad regime against civilians in Syria through all available means and in all the courts in which lawsuit can be brought against the Assad regime to bring its symbols to justice for the crimes they committed against the Syrian people.

It stressed that these sanctions must be coupled with judicial procedures to put an end to impunity and push for practical steps towards a political solution in accordance with UN resolutions and the Geneva Communique of 2012. . (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

06 February 2019 In Local News

Syrian painter Amani Al-Ali is preparing to showcase paintings about the Syrian revolution in an exhibition the British city of Manchester starting on February 13th

The “Syrian Apple" exhibition will feature 30 paintings about the Syrian revolution. It will be sponsored by Rethink Rebuild Society, a Manchester-based non-profit organization. The paintings will be stamped with a green apple as a symbol "reflecting its impact on the people and what it did to them regardless of their age groups and races," Al-Ali said.

Amani told Hurriya Press website that she wanted to hold her first exhibition in Idlib city, but said this was not possible due to the unstable situation in those areas.

Al-Ali noted that she would exhibit most of her paintings which were characterized by a single color and that she will be seeking to not repeat herself by keeping a record of the ideas and themes she works on.

Al-Ali held her first joint exhibition along with other painters in the Netherlands in 2018. Starting out on her career in comics, her passion for painting developed from a hobby to a career through continuous training and self-development.

Last year, three paintings by Al-Ali were featured in a cartoon exhibition embodying the Syrian revolution in the town of Sarqib in Idlib as part of the "Syria through Idlib Eye" campaign. Syrian artists from different Syrian governorates and in the diaspora participated in the exhibition.

Al-Ali studied computer engineering but was adamant to turn her hobby into a career. Working as an arts teacher at first, her first cartoon appeared in the Suryatuna newspaper in 2017 depicting a number of personalities. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

06 February 2019 In Local News

Unknown gunmen who once were in the ranks of the Free Syrian Army announced that they attacked a checkpoint manned by Assad’s militiamen in rural Dara’a, killing and wounding a number of regime militants.

In a statement claiming responsibility for the attack, the “Popular Resistance" rebel group called on the people of Dara’a province to join their ranks to carry on with the revolution against the Assad regime. The attack resulted in the destruction of the checkpoint in the town of Namer in northern rural Dara’a on Tuesday.

The "Popular Resistance" published a video of the operation as they vowed to carry out more attacks on the Assad regime and its supporters in the province.

The Assad regime military and security positions in Dara’a province are once again coming under hit-and-run attacks by rebel fighters who attacked the headquarters of the Air Force Intelligence in the town of Da'el with light weapons. In yet another sign of growing dissent against the Assad regime, photographs of Bashar al-Assad were torn in streets and public markets of the town.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the “Popular Resistance” called on the young people in Syria to “carry on with the mission to defend the oppressed and continue the march on the road to freedom for which much blood has been sacrificed as well as people risked imprisonment and endured great deal of suffering.”

In recent weeks, Dara’a has witnessed the scrawling of new anti-regime on the walls defying the Assad regime and threatening its presence in the province. The revolutionary movement has intensified since last month despite the Assad regime’s tightened grip on the province. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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