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18 March 2019 In Coalition News

In yet a new show of defiance to the Assad regime and its tightening of its grip on the province, residents of Dara’a and its countryside staged anti-regime demonstrations calling for freedom and the overthrow of the regime and marking the eighth anniversary of the Syrian revolution.

Local activists said that dozens of people on Monday gathered outside the Omari mosque to commemorate the Syrian revolution as they reaffirmed commitment to their demands and to transition Syria towards a democratic state.

Anti-regime graffiti was also scrawled on the walls inside the city reflecting the insistence of the Syrian people on continuing with revolution until victory and expressing their hopes and aspirations for freedom and dignity.

Another demonstration took place in the town of Da'eal to condemn the Assad regime’s repressive practices against civilians and demand the release of detainees from its prisons.

Syrians in the diaspora also commemorated the eighth anniversary of the Syrian revolution over the past three days. They reasserted their commitment to the principles and legitimate goals of the revolution.

The Syrian Coalition said that the eighth anniversary should act as a new call for all Syrians to rally around the revolution as common identity bringing the Syrian people together. It noted that the demonstrations that took place on this occasion were an extension of the demonstrations that took place on the first day of the revolution.

The Coalition stressed that the Dara’a demonstrations sent a clear, strong message telling everyone that the Syrian people will insist on achieving victory despite all the odds, namely the crimes and tyranny being practiced by the Assad regime. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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