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10 July 2019 In Coalition News

Representatives of the Syrian Coalition met with Gökçe OK, Deputy Director General of the Turkish Migration Management in Ankara at an invitation by the Syrian Islamic Council to discuss the situation of Syrian refugees in Turkey, especially in Istanbul.

The meeting was attended by the Head of the Syrian Coalition’s Department of Syrian Communities Abroad Mohammad Yahya Maktabi and member of the General Assembly Yousef Mahli as well as representatives of Syrian civil organizations.

Maktabi said that it was agreed to hold periodic meetings to address the problems facing the Syrian refugees in Istanbul and to co-organize activities and events to educate the Syrian refugees on the Turkish culture and traditions so as to help ease the tension.

The two sides also stressed the friendship between the Syrian and Turkish peoples and the historical ties between the two countries. They also stressed the importance of refuting rumors and preventing their spread in view of their negative impact on the relationship of the two peoples.

Maktabi thanked the Turkish people for the generous hosting of the Syrian refugees and the Turkish government for supporting the Syrian people's demands for freedom, dignity and salvation from the authoritarian regime that has been ruling Syria for nearly fifty years.

Maktabi said that the Assad regime sent loyalists to carry out shameful, shocking acts with the aim of tarnishing the image of the Syrian refugees and destabilizing Turkey. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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