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16 July 2019 In Coalition News

Abdurrahman Mustafa, the designate-head of the Syrian Interim Government, is continuing to hold consultations as he met with representatives of provincial councils and local councils as well as representatives of committees and civil society organizations operating in the liberated areas.

Mustafa participated in a ceremony honoring the local councils and directorates operating in the town of Azaz in northern rural Aleppo. He stressed the importance of coordination among all parties to improve the conditions in the liberated areas and provide better services to the civilian population, including those who were forcibly displaced by the Assad regime.

“I believe that the coordination of work, close communication, exchange of experiences and confidence-building are key to the effective management of the liberated areas,” Mustafa said.

Mustafa outlined SIG’s plan of action for the next phase as he listened to the most pressing needs of the local councils and SIG’s directorates. He stressed the need for SIG staff to step up efforts in all sectors to establish bodies and institutions linked to a unified administrative system to replace the state institutions.

Mustafa added: “The challenges are great. We are on the threshold of a new phase that needs development and construction. My vision is to continue down the road and build on what has been already achieved and address the shortcomings. My program aims to set up good governance.” 

Moreover, Mustafa pointed out that the new SIG will prioritize the ensuring security, stability and provision of services, in addition to improving the economic conditions and the creation of jobs.

“SIG will draw up an emergency plan for the management of the liberated areas,” Mustafa said. “We must be prepared to shoulder our responsibilities in this regard.”

Mustafa also stressed that SIG will work to make use of the competent people and cadres in the liberated areas and rely on them to activate SIG work. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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