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01 August 2019 In Coalition News

President of the Syrian Coalition Anas al-Abda met with President of the Turkish Confederation of Public Servants and Trade Union (MEMUR-SEN) Ali Yalçın and discussed with him the situation of the Syrian nationals in Turkey, especially the latest measures in Istanbul.

President al-Abda stressed that the goal of the meeting is to work to improve the conditions of work for Syrian nationals in all Turkish cities and settle their legal status in their workplaces.

Tabled for discussions were also the issues of education in general and the teaching of the Arabic language for Syrian children in Turkish schools in particular. Both sides also discussed the development of training and development programs in partnership between the Union and the staff of the Syrian Coalition and the Syrian Interim Government.

For his part, Mr. Yalçın stressed the support of the Union for the Syrian people in general and Syrian refugees in Turkey in particular. He stressed that they will spare no effort to support the cause of the Syrian people in Turkey and everywhere in the world.

The Syrian Coalition continues to communicate with the Turkish authorities with the aim of mobilizing support and to overcome the obstacles facing the Syrian refugees in Turkey which is hosting more than three million Syrian refugees. The Coalitions is also seeking increased, constant coordination with the Turkish government to address the issues of the Syrian refugees and residents in Turkey. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Anadolu Agency)

31 July 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition hailed calls by member States of the UN Security Council to launch an internal UN investigation into the Assad regime and Russia’s bombing of UN-supported hospitals in Idlib and rural Hama over the past three months.

Vice-President of the Syrian Coalition, Dima Moussa, said that the Assad regime and Russian forces have committed the most heinous war crimes by targeting hospitals, civil defense centers, residential areas, popular markets and places of worship. She described these attacks as deliberate, which requires urgent action by the UN Security Council to stop these violations.

Moussa added that the UN Security Council is “at the risk of losing its credibility in front of the whole world as the international organization tasked with maintaining international peace and security. She called for effective, serious steps to condemn these violations and ensure an immediate end to these attacks.

The UK, France, the US, Germany, Belgium, Peru, Poland, Kuwait, Dominican Republic and Indonesia - collectively representing two-thirds of the council - on Tuesday delivered a formal diplomatic petition to the secretary general questioning the lack of an inquiry into attacks on UN-supported facilities.

Moussa stressed the need for holding perpetrators of war crimes in Syria accountable, noting that the Assad regime and Russia’s insistence on their criminal behavior have stalled the political process and undermined the ‘de-escalation zones agreement.’ She said that the sabotage of this agreement, which should have formed the basis for a ceasefire in the region, have undermined chances for reaching a political solution in Syria.

Moreover, Moussa said that civilians in Idlib and rural Hama suffer dire humanitarian conditions because of the ongoing shelling, pointing out that the targeting of vital facilities have so far forced hundreds of thousands of civilians out of their homes thus risking ushering in a new mass wave of refugees. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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