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05 July 2019 In Coalition News

The President of the Syrian Coalition, Anas Al-Abda, visited the Sanad organization for people with disabilities accompanied by Vice-president Dima Moussa. They discussed with the organization's officials the most urgent needs and daily difficulties they are facing within the family, community, and workplace as well as the possible ways to enable people with disabilities to effectively participation at all levels.

President Al-Abda called upon the international organizations and donors to step up support for the people with disabilities; improve their situation; and help them return to normal life. He noted that the Syrian Coalition will work to ensure their participation in political life.

Moreover, Al-Abda pointed out that this participation will include inviting people with disabilities to meet with members of the Coalition’s political committee and the General Assembly. These meetings will allow them to learn about the latest political developments as well as share their views and ideas on the developments of the political process.

People with disabilities have a prominent role in the future of Syria, President Al-Abda said. He added: “By enabling them to have a say in the political life, we ​​will have carried out part of our duty as representatives of the Syrian opposition and the revolution.”

Al-Abda said that the Assad regime is responsibile for the injuries of hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians who were left with permanent disabilities as a result of the military operations and indiscriminate bombardment of residential areas and public facilities with the aim of crushing the Syrian revolution and forcing the rebel fighters to surrender.

Furthermore, President Al-Abda called for activating the International Impartial and Independent Mechanism (IIIM) to hold the perpetrators of war crimes in Syria to account as well as to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court. He also called for including the testimonies of those who have been permanently injured or disabled in the investigations.

Al-Abda praised the important role Sanad and the other humanitarian organizations are playing in catering for people with special needs. He pointed out that there are more than one million people with disabilities who do not receive sufficient attention or care. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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