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22 August 2019 In Coalition News

As part of the work of the Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee to follow up on the affairs of the Syrian refugees in Turkey, the Turkish authorities agreed to allow a number of the newly deported Syrian refugees to return to Turkey.

The returnees, who entered Turkey through Bab al-Hawa border crossing, were received by the Coordinator of the Syrian National Coalition’s Office of Refugees and Displaced Persons Amal Sheikho who confirmed that the returnees arrived safely. She thanked the Turkish government for its cooperation.

Sheikho said that the Coalition submitted a list of the names of Syrian refugees to the Turkish authorities within the work of the Joint Committee. After studying their cases, the Turkish authorities approved the return of six refugees as a first batch, pending approval of the rest of the names.

The Coalition has launched on its official website a special page to follow up on the affairs of Syrian refugees and residents in Turkey within the framework of the work of the Joint Committee.

The page allows Syrian nationals in Turkey who have certain issues to submit their information and documents to be examined with the Turkish authorities.

The Joint Committee comprises the Turkish Deputy Minister of the Interior, the head of the Turkish Directorate General for Migration Management, and a number of senior Interior Ministry officials. The Syrian side includes the Coalition president, the relevant Coalition officials, and a number of Turkey-based Syrian organizations. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

22 August 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian National Coalition honored the Syrian athletes who represented the Syrian Revolution in international tournaments and won medals.

In a meeting organized by the Coalition’s Office of Sports Federations and Unions with members of the Syrian Olympic Committee and its registered athletes, the Coalition President Anas Al-Abdah presented shields of honor to the athletes who won medals at the Eurasia Open Championship of Kung Fu Wushu which has recently been held in the Turkish capital Ankara as well as in the Kickboxing Championship held in the Turkish province of Sakarya.

Speaking to the winners, Al-Abda stressed that "your greatest honor is holding the flag of the Syrian revolution amongst athletes from different countries of the world.” He also underscored the important role of these achievements in “publicizing our cause and our revolution.”

Vice-president Oqab Yahya congratulated the winner athletes as he stressed that “the rebellious Syrians have proved once again their capabilities through these sports victories. He expressed the hope that the Syrian athletes will achieve more success.

For his part, Secretary General of the Coalition, Abdul Basit Abdul Latif, stressed the Coalition's readiness to support the Syrian Olympic Committee and to communicate with the Turkish side to provide the Syrian athletes with the necessary services. He said these prizes are a victory for the revolution as the battle against the regime is not limited to the political and military levels.

Coordinator of the Office of Sports Federations and Unions, Abdul Majid Barakat, said that the Coalition is working to form unified sports federations, pointing to positive signs to unify the sports activities from most parties.

Barakat also talked about the importance of participation in all sports tournaments under the flag of the Syrian revolution. He promised to communicate with the Turkish and international sports authorities to coordinate with them, adding that they will request a meeting with the Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports for this purpose. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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