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31 August 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian National Coalition invited representatives of the injured and people with disabilities to attend the General Assembly's 47th ordinary session which begun on Saturday.

Members of the General Assembly discussed the possibility of the inclusion of representatives of people with disabilities in the Coalition. Participants in the meeting stressed the importance of incorporating this key social component into the Coalition’s political bodies. They noted that the injuries hundreds of thousands of people suffered as a result of the Assad regime’s bombardment and shelling are a clear proof of the regime’s crimes against all components of the Syrian society.

Ahmed Nasro of the Sanad NGO stressed the importance of continued communication and coordination to solve the problems facing the injured and those with disabilities, especially the amputees. He pointed out that people with disabilities have to wait for long periods of time before they get approvals for exit and entry at the border crossings.

Omaima Hamidi of Sanad NGO called for expanding the participation of people with disabilities in the meetings of the Coalition. She pointed to the importance of including the well-being of people with disabilities in the plans being developed by the Coalition and the Syrian Interim Government.

Hamidi called for “our voice to be heard within the political bodies opposed to the Assad regime and to be allowed to participate in the drafting of the constitution with a view to guaranteeing the constitutional rights and ensuring our human rights.”

Firas al-Fawal of the Syrian Organization for People With Disabilities said that people with disabilities are "the most affected after the deceased and detainees" as he called for stepping up support for organizations that are interested in the affairs of this segment of Syrian society.

Al-Fawal warned of ignoring this group, which makes up between 30 and 35 percent of the Syrian society. He attributed this high percentage to the Assad regime's widespread use of internationally prohibited weapons in the bombardment and shelling of populated areas.” Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)
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