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17 September 2019 In Coalition News

Vice-president of the Syrian National Coalition, Oqab Yahya, stressed that there is a clear international effort to achieve a breakthrough in the political process which was stalled because of the Assad regime’s intransigence and refusal to implement international resolutions. He said that the launch of the work of the Constitutional Committee is important but taken alone, it is not enough to achieve the essence of those resolutions.

The top priority must be to ensure protection of civilians and stopping the shelling on their homes and vital facilities, including hospitals, public markets and schools, Yahya said. He added that what comes next is the urgent delivery of humanitarian aid to the IDPs and relieve the hundreds of thousands of people who are staying out in the open and take shelter under olive trees.

Moreover, Yahya pointed out that it will be impossible to obtain the consent of the Syrian people for any political achievement without gaining their confidence in the political process as a whole. He said: “We are in a complicated political process that dragged on for years. The regime has not committed to any of its phases, so we count on the implementation of the humanitarian provisions set out in the UN Security Council resolution 2254 in parallel with the launch of the work of the Constitutional Committee.”

Yahya pointed out that the Russian president's latest remarks are far from proceeding with a real political process as he insists on repeating the narrative of terrorism to support his strategy to rehabilitate the Assad regime despite the many international reports which have shown that the bombardment does not target military sites but mainly civilian areas. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

17 September 2019 In Coalition News

The Supreme Hajj Committee begun a series of technical meetings with the aim of assessing the latest hajj season and paving the way for a new plan of action to maintain the level of work that the Syrian mission did in previous years.

Participants in the meetings included the Committee's staff, chiefs of the Syrian hajj campaigns and their assistants, members of the religious mission and religious guides.

These meetings will also continue to include the Committee’s offices in Beirut, Amman, Cairo and the Gulf, and the liberated areas.

The participants stressed the importance of seeking to improve the quality of services provided by the Committee to the Syrian pilgrims, noting that the Syrian Hajj mission has proved itself as one of the most efficient missions in the Arab and Islamic world.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia granted the Syrian National Coalition the exclusive right to manage the Syrian hajj pilgrimage seven years ago.

The Committee effectively managed the file with Syria’s quota of pilgrims reaching 22,500 pilgrims in the latest hajj season. Another 200 Syrian nationals also performed hajj as part of a royal grant from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz to the Syrian National Coalition for the second consecutive year, which was devoted mainly to the families and mothers of people killed in the revolution. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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