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20 February 2020 In Coalition News


The Syrian National Coalition’s political committee held its regular meeting on Thursday and focused on the latest developments in Idlib and rural Aleppo as well as on the crimes the Russian occupation, Iranian militias, and regime forces are committing against civilians.

Members of the committee talked via a video link with the Council of Ministers of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG). Head of SIG Abdurrahman Mustafa gave an overview on SIG’s work in the liberated areas, especially with regards to the provision of support to the displaced people.

The Minister of Defense and members of the Military Liaison Office presented military maps and talked about the situation on the ground and the readiness of the fighters on the battle fronts. They stressed that the morale of the Syrian National Army fighters is high and that they are determined to fend off the Russian attacks and defend their land and people.

They pointed to the existence of effective coordination with the Turkish side regarding military planning and the management of battles on the ground.

President of the Coalition, Anas Abdah, briefed the meeting on the results of the talks with the friendly and sisterly states as well as the talks and the coordination with the Turkish side on the grave situation in Idlib and rural Aleppo. He stressed that the international community’s failure to assume its legal duties with regards to implementing international resolutions and protecting civilians is unprecedented. He added: "We are not talking about promises, but about international resolutions that the UN Security Council already adopted. We are facing a dangerous situation that can only be described as complicity.”

He stressed that the Syrian people and the Turkish side are in one trench as the SNA fighters and the Turkish army are fighting side by side against the blatant attacks targeting civilians. He stressed that "we have no choice but to hold our ground.”

The Department of Foreign Relations gave an overview of its activities to send documents on the war crimes being committed by Russia, the Assad regime, and Iran against civilians to states, organizations, and international legal bodies, particularly the ongoing onslaught on Idlib and rural Aleppo.

The Department of Refugees and Displaced Persons Affairs also provided an explanation of the situation of the internally displaced people, the locations of their distribution, and their urgent needs. It also talked about the results of the recent correspondence and meetings with the donors who are directly involved in providing support to the displaced people.

Members of the political committee also discussed the UN Security Council meeting that took place yesterday and Russia's refusal to adopt a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Idlib. They also discussed the briefing that was delivered by the UN special envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen to the Council. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)


20 February 2020 In Coalition News

Yasser Al-Farhan, member of the Syrian National Coalition’s political committee, met with members of the Syrian Community Council in the Qatari capital, Doha. The two sides discussed the grave situation in Idlib and rural Aleppo and the efforts being made by the Coalition to urge the international community to take serious, firm positions with regards to the establishment of a ceasefire and the protection of civilians.

The meeting, which took place at the headquarters of the Syrian embassy in Doha, was attended by the Syrian ambassador to Qatar Nizar Al-Heraki, consul Bilal Turkiyya, head of the Council, Muhammed Yassin al-Najjar, and members of the Council.

They also discussed the extremely dire humanitarian situation the displaced people are going through due to the Russian aggression on the region, especially amidst the freezing cold that hit the region. They stressed the importance of communicating with the donors to provide urgent support to the displaced people.

Moreover, they discussed the latest developments in the political process and the impact of the crimes being committed by Russia and the regime against civilians on that process.

They discussed the issue of detainees and the missing and the role of the Coalition to disclose their fate and demand their release in light of the international community’s and human rights organizations’ continued ignoring of this issue.

Al-Farhan thanked members of the Community for the fruitful meeting as he made it clear that the Coalition always welcomes all opinions and proposals and seeks continuous communication and to activate the role of all Syrians so as to serve the interest of the Syrian people and their just cause.

He pointed out that the Coalition will hold more of such meetings that would bring closer the political committee and the Syrian people in general. It also works to evaluate each stage and bring views closer, stressing that the Coalition will spare no effort in the issue of detainees in all international forums and meetings. 

He pointed out that arbitrary arrest, enforced disappearance, torture and execution, and all forms of inhumane treatment are rooted in the regime since Hafez al-Assad has seized power in Syria.

He added that these practices had been the modus operandi of the Assad regime over the past half a century in its engagement with the opposition before and during the revolution as one of its most important pillars in governance based on the terrorization of the people. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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