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04 March 2020 In Coalition News

Amal Sheikhou, Coordinator of the Syrian Opposition Coalition’s (SOC) Office of the Refugee Affairs toured the Turkish-Greek border where she met with Syrian refugees stranded on the border. She strongly condemned the Greek authorities’ violence against refugees.

Sheikhou on Wednesday pointed out that the violence being committed by the Greek army against the refugees amount to crimes that must be investigated. She said that the physical abuse leading to death constituted a murder and a blatant violation of international law, stressing that those responsible must be held accountable.

She pointed out that the SOC will take legal action against the killing of the Syrian asylum seeker Ahmed Abu Imad who was shot dead two days ago. She said: "We cannot tolerate or accept the use of violence and violation of the law."

Sheikhou called on the UNHCR Office to assume its responsibilities with regards to the Syrian refugees stranded on the Greek border. She called on it to urgently intervene to address the humanitarian tragedy affecting tens of thousands of asylum seekers "who are stranded out in the open at the mercy of harsh weather conditions and without shelter or food.”

She urged the international humanitarian organizations to assume their duties for which they were found and to urgently intervene to save civilians fleeing one of the worst tragedies in recent times.

Syrians are risking their lives and the lives of their children due to the world's failure to protect them at home over the past nine years, Sheikho said, adding that Syrians were left an easy prey to the Russian occupation’s Air Force and the brutality of the Assad regime and Iranian militias.

"It is time for the international community, particularly the European Union, to share Turkey the issue of refugees it is hosting," Sheikhou said. (Source: SOC’s Media Department)


04 March 2020 In Coalition News

The Syrian Opposition Coalition condemned the Assad regime's insistence on pursuing policies aimed at the mass forced displacement and banishment of opponents to its rule. It warned of attempts by the Assad regime to renege on the agreements and understandings and commit atrocities against civilians as it did with all other agreements and deals.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, the SOC reaffirmed the need for the international community to condemn the mass forced displacement of civilians. It also called for taking the necessary measures to ensure protection for civilians, allow civilians to stay in their homes, and to keep the regime forces away from towns and villages.

“The Assad regime has a proven track record of taking revenge against civilians whenever the opportunity arises, which means that the people of Sanamein and the rest of the towns and villages of Dara’a province are in real danger,” the SOC added.

The SOC added: “This issue should be once again referred to the international community as the only party currently able to exercise pressure the Assad regime and prevent further violations against civilians.”

The SOC saluted the revolutionaries of Dara’a and its people who remain steadfast despite the regime’s injustice and crimes. “Your demonstrations, resistance and revolutionary acts are highly appreciated by all Syrians. We will soon see Dara’a and all Syria independent and freed from tyrants and invaders.” (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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