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73rd Anniversary of Evacuation Day; Renewal of National Struggle against Tyranny & Foreign Occupation

Press release
Syrian Coalition
Department of Media and Communications
April 17, 2019

As we commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the evacuation of the last French soldier from Syria, millions of Syrians are refugees around the world, hundreds of thousands still suffer in the prisons of the tyrant Assad, the bloodshed continues, and more of Syria’s finest young people die at the hands of the Assad regime and its allied foreign militias.

The past years of the Syrian Revolution underline the importance of renewing the meanings the Evacuation Day carries: unity, freedom, and independence. This day serves as a reminder that freedom will not be complete as long as the Assad regime remains in power. The regime has kept Syria out of history and squandered its resources for half a century. It is our duty to stop the spiral of decline the regime is causing in our country.

Syrians today are determined more than ever to end this dark chapter in the history of Syria, a chapter that the Assad regime wrote with tyranny, corruption, injustice, oppression and nepotism as well as with murder, chaos and terrorism against the Syrian people and against the values ​​of humanity and freedom.

The Syrians are struggling today to bring their country back to the path of building and recovery in order to make Syria once again a beacon for humanity, diversity, equality and respect for the rights of all its citizens. They are also continuing the struggle to build a homeland that is known for its original culture and distinctive role in the birth of civilizations.

The Syrian Coalition congratulates all the free Syrian people on this glorious occasion as it reminds everyone of the importance of the Evacuation Day in the history of our country and the close relationship between it and our current struggle for freedom. It also stresses that the Syrian people will always honor the sacrifices of their fallen heroes and will continue their struggle for freedom and dignity as well as to ensure the unity of Syria and its people under democratic, good governance.

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