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Monday, 24 June 2013 16:55

Assad’s Latest Use of Chemical Weapons and Massacres

Media Note
Syrian Coalition
Istanbul, Turkey
June 24, 2013

In the latest of offenses against the Syrian people, Assad’s forces have targeted the town of Zamalka, located near Damascus.  There are reports of chemical weapons used, as four civilians have died from symptoms that include difficulty breathing, nausea and body twitching.  
In Mazraa, Southern Aleppo, Assad’s militias have executed 50 citizens, burned their bodies and dumped the corpses into the village wells.  Furthermore, Assad’s men shot and mutilated the bodies of 18 civilians in Douma.
The Assad regime continues to commit crimes against humanity by carrying out murders, which clearly violate international charters and resolutions.  Assad uses state terrorism against civilians to ensure he remains in power.
The Syrian Coalition expresses its sorrow over the continued inaction on the part of the international community. We urge immediate action to restrain Assad’s regime and to ensure civilians of Syria are protected and gain the ability to defend themselves against Assad’s forces.
We ask for mercy for our martyrs, health for our wounded and freedom for our detainees.
Long live Syria and its people, free and with honor.