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Sunday, 10 March 2019 18:45

Final Communique of 44th Session of Syrian Coalition’s General Assembly

Press release
Syrian Coalition
General Assembly
March 10, 2019


The Syrian Coalition’s General Assembly held its 44th session on Saturday and Sunday, 9-10 March 2019. It opened the session by observing a moment of silence for the fallen heroes of the Syrian revolution.

In his opening speech, President of the Coalition, Abdurrahman Mustafa, saluted the Syrian people on the eighth anniversary of the Syrian revolution. He hailed the determination of the Syrian people to regain their rights to freedom and dignity through the building of a pluralistic, civil, democratic system of rule. He also paid tribute to the Syrian women on the International Women’s Day as he hailed their important role and sacrifices in prisons and all areas of work and activity.

The session began with a discussion of the agenda. The participants discussed the report which was submitted by the Coalition president and the Presidential Body covering the various activities and tasks accomplished during the past two months. They also discussed the report of the Coalition’s Secretary-General who announced that the Coalition will open an office inside Syria as soon as possible and who highlighted the importance of the presence of the Coalition leadership inside Syria and the arrangements being made to this end.

The General Assembly also discussed the reports of the departments and committees as it stressed the importance of stepping up the efforts. It commended the efforts being made by the Conscience Convoy campaign and the participation of representatives from 55 countries to demand the release of women and children from the prisons of the Assad regime.

In view of the importance of the Al-Jazeera and the Euphrates areas, the Assembly extensively discussed the report submitted by the Al-Jazeera and Euphrates Committee and the plan of action aimed at activating the role of the Coalition in the “safe zone” to be established and the rest of the Al-Jazeera and Euphrates areas. The Assembly took decisions reaffirming the continuing efforts to implement the proposed projects as well as the continued coordination with the Turkish government and the relevant international parties.

On the second day of the meeting, the Assembly discussed the political situation and the latest developments in eastern Syria, especially the fight against the last remaining ISIS holdouts. It also discussed the possible consequence of the US withdrawal from Syria, the reality and future of the SDF and the PYD terrorist group as it stressed the importance of allowing the local population to fill the vacuum. The Assembly discussed the violations and crimes the regime and its allies are committing in Idlib on a daily basis killing dozens of civilians. It also discussed the actions of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham which has been rejected by the Syrian people.

Tabled for discussions were the serious Iranian attempts to change the identity of the Syrian society and its illegal seizure of civilians’ property. The Assembly decided to establish a special mechanism to monitor and follow up on the Iranian intervention and confronting it at all levels.

Member of the Coalition and Head of the Syrian Negotiations Commission, Nasr Al-Hariri, gave an overview of the activities and consultations the Commission is carrying out. He also briefed the session on the latest developments in the issue of detainees and the efforts being made to ensure their release, the constitutional committee, and the safe environment. He also gave an overview of the results of the meeting the Commission held with the major players in Syria, including the United States, the European countries, and Russia. He also highlighted the position of the Turkish Republic which is compatible and supportive of the Syrian opposition as well as the continued support from Saudi Arabia and the rest of Arab countries supporting the Syrian Revolution.

Moreover, the Commission discussed the resignation of the head of the Syrian Interim Government Jawad Abu Hatab as it hailed his efforts and those of his team. It stressed that it was fully aware the difficult circumstances in which he worked in, including the limited support and voted to accept his resignation. It said the SIG would act now as a caretaker a government until the election of a new SIG’s head.

The Assembly also reviewed the Coalition’s efforts with regards to the Hajj season and the renewal of the agreement between the Supreme Hajj Committee and Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj. The Assembly hailed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s positions and the facilitations it is providing to Syrian pilgrims. It also discussed Saudi Arabia’s increasing of Syria’s quota to 22,500 pilgrims. It stressed that the Committee is serving all Syrians without exception.

Furthermore, the Commission saluted our people in Dara’a and the occupied territories who are renewing their uprising against the tyrannical regime and defying its security forces. It also saluted the Syrian people on the anniversary of the Kurdish uprising of March 12, 2004 against the Assad regime and its criminal behavior.

The General Assembly concluded its session with vowing to increase its determination to accomplish the tasks and decisions it took and to support the negotiations as a means to bring about a just political solution meeting the aspirations and sacrifices of the Syrian people to establish a pluralistic, democratic, civil system of rule that is based on equal citizenship for all Syrians.

Salute to the Syrian people on the eighth anniversary of the revolution for freedom, dignity and justice.

May our wounded recover, our detainees be free, and our fallen heroes rest in peace.

May the Syrian revolution emerge victorious.