Int’l Community Obliged to Stop Ongoing Massacres Against Syrian Civilians

Press release
Syrian Coalition – Syria
Department of Media and Communications
July 6, 2019

Towns and villages in northwestern Syria continue to be subjected to a series of airstrikes as part of the Assad regime’s escalating bombing campaign backed by the Russian occupation air force against civilians in different areas of northern rural Hama and Idlib. Shelling by heavy artillery is also targeting western rural Aleppo.

The brutal bombardment of the town of Muhambel in rural Idlib at dawn on Saturday resulted in a massacre claiming the lives of at least 12 civilians, mostly women and children, while dozens more were wounded. The shelling also caused fires and widespread destruction to civilian homes and property, forcing many people to flee.

There is no need for more speculation about this bloody reality that has been ongoing on for years. The Assad regime continues to commit war crimes and violate existing agreements let alone insisting on a military option and refusing to engage in the political process. Nor is there anything new in the positions of the main actors of the international community that continues to watch idly by as more crimes are taking place.

Nonetheless, the resistance of the rebel fighters, who have shown heroic steadfastness in both word and deed, is stiffening with every passing day. They have shown absolute determination to defend the freedom of the Syrian people and the options of their revolution despite the international inaction.

The international community must not allow this reality to continue, nor can it expect that the Assad regime or its allies will stop committing massacres and crimes. This means that the demands and responsibilities placed upon the international community are still in place and that it must shoulder its obligations to maintain international peace and security as well as implement the UN Security Council resolutions calling on the Assad regime to stop the killings. The international community has also a duty to seriously work on finding a comprehensive political solution in accordance with the Geneva Communique of 2012 and UN Security Council resolution 2254.

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